Scary Plane – Bahama’s

as promised . . .

Before every dive, Sam gives her dive briefings.  Day 2 put us at Scary Plane.

Sam - Dive Master

We were anchored next to a crashed, 80’s era, drug plane.  Story goes, that the pilots were in the process of getting help (read caught), so they quickly dropped to a low altitude and dumped their cargo. When they were pulling back up, a wing clipped the water surface, the plane cartwheeled and found a watery grave.

The general location of the plane was noted, but in the wild open big blue, it is hard to pin point wreck sites.  Several previous crew members spent months looking for the site and when they founded it they recorded the GPS coordinates.  Now Blackbeard’s uses the site as one of their novice dive sites.  On one side of our anchorage, there is nothing but grassy bottom.  Go 10 degrees off the bow and you get Scary Plane.

Just like normal teenagers, the Scouts were most interested in what type of drugs were lost and if there were still any dead body parts stuck in the plane.  Sam, not skipping a beat, declared that the drugs were “the bad kind and that all body parts not originally picked up by the coast guard were already eaten by the local inhabitants.”  Go Sam!!

All us open water trainee’s completed our certification at this site!  Go Team!

For all you geeks that want the stats . . . Depth 20 feet;  bottom time 31 minutes; Water Temperature 79 deg

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