Vacation (maybe work) Hangover

Definition Hangover:       hang·o·ver  (hngvr) n.

1. Unpleasant physical effects following the heavy use of alcohol.
2. A letdown, as after a period of excitement.
Most normally, anytime we talk about “hangovers” we are talking about the negative affects of the night before’s revelry.  Vacation hangovers follow the 2nd definition more closely.  Coming home from a terrific vacation is always a let down.  Getting reengaged with work is extremely difficult.
My best antidote for Vacation Hangover? either 1) plan a new vacation 2) spend lots of time sifting through photo’s trying to decide which sunset night you miss most (well all of them!!!)
IMG_2506 IMG_2507 IMG_2508

3 thoughts on “Vacation (maybe work) Hangover

  1. We recommend doing some preliminary planning on choosing your next vacation spot. We find that always builds back some of the pleasure of anticipation. Great sunsets! Any green flashes? Those photos looked very promising.

    • We actually thought we saw a green flash. It was one of those perfect sunset nights. I recorded the sunset on my DSLR, but upon play back no one saw it again. One wonders, is it a naked eye thing? Do you need a better/different lens filter to capture it?
      Very bummed that it didn’t translate to video.

      • Green flashes are a physical optical effect caused by refraction of the sun’s “white light” into it’s component colors. At the last instant of sunset, the Earth’s atmosphere absorbs all the red – yellow light leaving only the green – blue light to pass through, giving a green glow to the very last tip of the sun as it “sinks” below the horizon. It is a fleeting moment, lasting perhaps two seconds at most, depending on the conditions. You need a sharply defined istant horizon, with no clouds, as your photo series shows. But you have to be quick to capture it on film. Your video may not be fast enough. It’s a chancy thing to capture on film. Enjoy it with the naked eye first, so you can anticipate when it will occur during the sunset process. Here’s a website with some photos.

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