Moonlit Night in the Exuma’s

A lot of the newer and more experienced divers did transition (dusk to dark) and night (completely dark) dives.

Beyond the “duh” it’s dark dummy, night dives are more complex than day diving.  Yes it is dark, but you also have a harder time navigating from here to there.  Proper equipment is a MUST not just a suggested option.


  • A small tank light.  This is attached to your tank or back.  It is a small flashing red light.  In case the diver becomes incapacitated or his main lights go out, other divers and potentially rescue persons have a better chance in finding you. tank lights
  • A large hand held pistol grip light.  This larger light lets you see where you are going.  It helps to illuminate the fish and the corals.  Most of the lights are white light so the critters tend to avoid you if you have one.  To overcome this, divers have begun to use blue bulbs to be less invasive.  They even make filters for your goggles so that the diver sees only the illuminated area.  Pretty slick.  Check out Brian.  He has a light on his hand and the filter on his mask
  • A back up Light.  Yes divers have redundant systems.  Don’t go in the water with all your systems working.

IMG_2523Watching the divers go into the water is fun no mater the time of day.  They drop off the boat, give the OK safety signal and down the go!


Most dives last 30-60 minutes.  Once the sunlight escapes the sky, the divers glowing orbs appear under water as they search for critters.  Often, divers will loose sight / touch of each other, so you see the lights spinning around as they do a 360 search for their buddy.

With the moon light and the glowing balls of light below, the water dances and looks alive.

DSCF3104 DSCF3105The moon light through the clouds is beautiful.

IMG_2545 IMG_2546 IMG_2547 IMG_2548 IMG_2549 IMG_2550

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