Dog Beach at Shawnee Mission Park

Yesterday after a glorious morning of sleeping in (well to 8:30 am) Rob and I took the dogs to Shawnee Mission to find the dog beach that we have kayaked by so many times.  The area is less kept up than Heritage park, but it is nice.

You have to watch the dogs closely on their leases because there is no air-lock fence to take the dogs in.  Just a large path that says


And truly you do follow a long train of dogs that have already been down to the water’s edge and are escorting their out of shape humans back to the car.

Buck immediately waded into the shallows.  Ahhhhhhhh.

Scout was so excited to visit, that he followed the wrong humans back up the path

After much searching, and splitting back up for dog location

Rob found him at the top of the hill doing circles around a tree that opened to both paths heading to the beach.

The orange decoys are great for throwing.  The dogs don’t get so distracted following them when there are lots of other dogs about.  They focus right in and bring those decoys back for more throwing.

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Unfortunately the slope of the beach had concrete /gravel inserts. While it cuts down on the mud, it is not nice to paws and knees.

Scout’s paw is worse for wear this morning.  One of his pads is ripped and raw.  I wonder if that him less likely to get into trouble.  Buck disagrees.  It may keep him quiet for a bit, but in the end, Scout finds trouble like none other.

1 thought on “Dog Beach at Shawnee Mission Park

  1. Great photos. They are having lots of fun. You probably know dogs are red-green color blind? They can see blue and yellow well, but have difficulty seeing red and green. The decoys you’re throwing look very red. But the dogs may see only black or gray. Have you noticed any differences if using a yellow or green decoy?

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