KState vs KU ???


Dangerous fighting words here in middle America.  Colleges and School mean more to some people than their law or medical degree (it seems).

With Mizzou fan’s, you often hear I’ll root for the Tigers and any team playing against KU.

KU Fans won’t wear purple unless the are working in mud or with grease.

K-State’rs are prouder than heck.  They are the Little Engine that “Consistently Does” ( but doesn’t need to boast about it.)

So who will my eldest pick for college?   I dunno!!!  But I am thrilled that he was accepted to both KU & K State.

images Kansas-Jayhawks-fo-5182


The whole process of college applications out here seems so much more different than the old days in California.  1) everything is electronic.  All applications are on line.  2) Kansas Schools really are excited to see their home town kids go to their schools!  3) the apply and response to “YOU’RE IN” didn’t seem to take as long.

I was so thrilled when Jeremy sent me his acceptance email from KU.  Then today, I picked up the mail and there was “the envelop”.  The good kind (not the thin skinny one).  You know the letter 8.5 x 11 envelops.  Of course, Jeremy took today to NOT BE AT HOME when the mail arrived.  SO I did what any good excited mom would do.  I texted him a picture of the envelop and asked if he wanted me to open it.

Ta Da!!

So as my eldest starts the next phase of his life, I am thrilled with our decision to move to Kansas nearly 12 years ago.  The homes, friends, neighborhood, schools have all been like what Rob and I had growing up in California.

Kansas.  Thank you for all you have given us.  We look forward to the next generation being Kansan’s too.

~ a very proud Kansas Mom

Cooking Up a Storm

I had meant to just hang out and relax all weekend.  But my passions and my best friend helped otherwise.  First I got to do Walk for Diabetes.  Next I made the video of the walk.  Third I hung on the couch and watched several episodes of “Once Upon a Time”.  Third I started cooking up a storm.  What else do you do with a plant full of tomatoes than make a homemade pot of spaghetti sauce (mmmm that will be for Monday dinner).  More on that later.  Next, I get to go out with Marie, Mike & Taylor for a little bite to eat.  Sleep in on Sunday, then make up Carne Asada for dinner.

AAAHHHHHHH  I so miss my men.  Some people bake cookies.  I just love to cook comfort food.  They’ll be home fro the campout soon.  Laundry, mayhem, homework, football to ensue.

Hanging with my pups



Thanks for a quiet weekend.  Just what the brain ordered.

Step Out – Walk to STOP Diabetes

This morning I went with my best friend (sisters by choice) Dr. Marie Griffin and her office cohorts to do the Step Out – Walk to Stop Diabetes.  We started at Theiss Park in Kanas City, right in front of the Nelson Atkins Museum.  We walked from the park West along Brush Creek and back through the Plaza.

What a wonderful group of people.  All walks of life, kids, old folks, dogs, sisters, mothers, brothers and friends.

This video doesn’t exist

Stopping Diabetes starts with healthy eating and good exercise habits.  Do what you love to do, but do it right. Make good choices.


Hey I wonder What’s in Here

Going through the photo albums.  I wanted to share a couple great pictures of Uncle Chris from Sean’s last trip to Baltimore.  Sean went last summer 2012 with Gram and Papa.  they had a great time in Towson and the inner harbor with the cousins.

I think I most love that Chris was never afraid to “be the kid” as evidenced by this great picture.  I can hear him now.  “hey I wonder what’s in here!”  or “Gosh it would sure stink if you got your head stuck in here”

What's in here???I can just imagine the Chris Jr’s girls started squealing when Papa Doe put his head in the cannon.

Sean & Uncle Chris Dernetz Clan


Pictures above were taken at Fort Mc Henry in Baltimore.




A new evening

Trying to make sense of tragedy seems so pointless.  I know it’s not good, but yet we do go down the rabbit hole none the less.  The brain is hard wired to rethink things.  What if, should we, I could have.  I think this very act makes us human and senescent.  But then the brain races and races.  For me any little stimulus shuts everything else down.


Still here.

Focus.  Focus.  There must be good somewhere.  I’m not there yet.  But I know there has to be a rainbow somewhere.  Outside we have thunder, floods and rains (yes the weather in Kansas).  I am wishing for my happy place.  Thank you Liz for sending this Rainbow to me last week.

My turn to send it back to you and Dad.

Makaha RainbowLove and rainbows.



A sad day for the Dernetz Clan

It is with an awful and heavy heart that I write this post.  My terrific Uncle Chris passed away yesterday in an accident while snorkeling with Wayne & Liz, my dad and step mom.  They were doing one of their annual adventure trips.  Every year a different trip. a different adventure. This year, the 3 of them went to Makaha in Hawaii.  Dad always looked forward to having an adventure with Chris.  They did Yellowstone, Hawaii, mexico.  So many places with some many wonderful stories they returned with.

Uncle Chris

Like this tree, Uncle Chris is larger than life.  Full of smiles, fun, and joy.  Always the mischievous smile that went along with some funny story or advice.

Tuna Fishing Trip


My favorite is the way he says my name.  “Joelie”  In that wonderful “Balmer” drawl.  He would say it just like Grandma did.  It still makes me smile to hear them say it in my head.

My heart is just breaking for Aunt Louise, and my cousins Missie & Chris and my Dad and Liz and all the wonderful granddaughters that “Papa Doe” brought daily happiness to.

Love you Uncle Chris.  I miss you terribly.

love your little flower girl.  Joelie

Heat has Broken

We have had super hot heat this week in Kansas. Finally. It feels like a little summer. My tomato plants are turning red. My new dehydrator will come in handy to dry my chili peppers that are ready.

With spring is the wonderment of growth. Fall I am always amazed to watch every decay and break down. It is so beautiful.



Blackbeard’s 2013 by Troop 10

My eldest son put together the presentation for the Troop.  Great Job Jeremy!!!

Special Thanks to everyone who contributed!!!

  • Spencer & Steve
  • Greg, Tim & Sean
  • Ben & Brian
  • Todd & Kyle
  • Hunter & Harrison
  • Brandon!!
  • Chris & John
  • Cameron & Rob
  • Jeremy, Sean, Rob
  • Nick  & Chris
  • Maurice!!!

I can’t wait to go back.  Everyone on our Crew made this trip worth remembering!!!!!

Thanks to the crew too!!! on the Pirate’s Lady.  Nate, Byron, Sam, Wenis, & Carlos!!!


This was SUCH a wonderful trip.  I truly can’t wait to plan something new, sometime soon.