Cooking Up a Storm

I had meant to just hang out and relax all weekend.  But my passions and my best friend helped otherwise.  First I got to do Walk for Diabetes.  Next I made the video of the walk.  Third I hung on the couch and watched several episodes of “Once Upon a Time”.  Third I started cooking up a storm.  What else do you do with a plant full of tomatoes than make a homemade pot of spaghetti sauce (mmmm that will be for Monday dinner).  More on that later.  Next, I get to go out with Marie, Mike & Taylor for a little bite to eat.  Sleep in on Sunday, then make up Carne Asada for dinner.

AAAHHHHHHH  I so miss my men.  Some people bake cookies.  I just love to cook comfort food.  They’ll be home fro the campout soon.  Laundry, mayhem, homework, football to ensue.

Hanging with my pups



Thanks for a quiet weekend.  Just what the brain ordered.

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