KState vs KU ???

Dangerous fighting words here in middle America.  Colleges and School mean more to some people than their law or medical degree (it seems).

With Mizzou fan’s, you often hear I’ll root for the Tigers and any team playing against KU.

KU Fans won’t wear purple unless the are working in mud or with grease.

K-State’rs are prouder than heck.  They are the Little Engine that “Consistently Does” ( but doesn’t need to boast about it.)

So who will my eldest pick for college?   I dunno!!!  But I am thrilled that he was accepted to both KU & K State.

images Kansas-Jayhawks-fo-5182


The whole process of college applications out here seems so much more different than the old days in California.  1) everything is electronic.  All applications are on line.  2) Kansas Schools really are excited to see their home town kids go to their schools!  3) the apply and response to “YOU’RE IN” didn’t seem to take as long.

I was so thrilled when Jeremy sent me his acceptance email from KU.  Then today, I picked up the mail and there was “the envelop”.  The good kind (not the thin skinny one).  You know the letter 8.5 x 11 envelops.  Of course, Jeremy took today to NOT BE AT HOME when the mail arrived.  SO I did what any good excited mom would do.  I texted him a picture of the envelop and asked if he wanted me to open it.

Ta Da!!

So as my eldest starts the next phase of his life, I am thrilled with our decision to move to Kansas nearly 12 years ago.  The homes, friends, neighborhood, schools have all been like what Rob and I had growing up in California.

Kansas.  Thank you for all you have given us.  We look forward to the next generation being Kansan’s too.

~ a very proud Kansas Mom

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