What does the Bison say??


Bison in Yellowstone

For most people, the nearest they will see wildlife is their local zoo.  The safety glass & concrete enclosures protect and insulate all but the most stupid human from injury or direct animal interaction.  We are spectators watching but not participating.  “Mooommmm, Look!  A bear!  Daddy???  can I pet it???”  no dear.  that would be dangerous.  that’s why the fence is here to keep us safe.

West Yellowstone Bear Sanctuary

It is not until we venture out of our safe boundaries and into nature that humans become audience to the real play actors.

Therefore, Yellowstone National Park is a rare wonder indeed.  Geysers, waterfalls, rivers, rugged mountain chains, bears and old faithful.  True natural beauty in it’s own element.  Humans are merely the by standers waiting to take a quick picture of the “wild” in play.  The sheer awe of seeing animals in their natural habitat is heart thumping exhilaration where all reason can scoot out the window.   

When tourists enter Yellowstone, they are given a yellow safety reminder placard.

Side 1 Urges Timmy to stay on the path.  Poor Timmy looks like he’s going to be boiled alive!

Bad Timmy

Bad Timmy

Side 2 Reminds visitors that buffalo are dangerous and they can run 3 times faster than you can!!

Silly Human.  Playing with bison is bad.

Silly Human. Playing with bison is bad.

Yet, despite the warnings, the tourists stop their cars, get out of their vehicles and proceed to gawk at the bison.


Because we don’t see them every day!  That’s why!

We know it’s not completely safe. . . but still we do it any way.

I think part of thrill we feel is that we finally saw them! Most wild life is elusive and hard to see.  Beyond their natural camouflage, they just don’t want to stay around humans for long. Oh Look!!!  A deer!!!  If we are quiet they will stay a little longer!

DeerDeer 2Deer 3

A fleeting glimpse is all we get.

As prey moves up the food chain, nature’s need to fight or flight changes to “this is my space and I’ll be where I want to, thank you”

Bison on Road

See that Dust!

See that Dust!


You are on my road man

So the next time you see the Bison.  Just give him a little space.  Slow down and let the herd take their time as they cross the road.

And always remember, when they talk to you . . . they are really saying




5 thoughts on “What does the Bison say??

  1. Chris would also tell you that moose speak the same language and quickly learn to say, “WAAAYYNNNNEEEEEEEEE”! Amazing how that works in the animal kingdom.

    • It still cracks me up when you here the video of those bison with that low growl. That trip was so much fun! I can’t wait to plan our next one. I know Jeremy is really excited to plan Spain with you guys.

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