How much Christmans is Enough?

Just how much Christmas is enough Christmas?  And I mean decorating, not the holiday.

Snow Man

Snow Man

Last year, Scout took about 1 foot of ornaments off the tree.  One by one, they fell victim to gnawing teeth.  Chewed up beyond recognition.  MMMMM  The ones that didn’t get eaten, made it to the center piece for our Christmas table.

Christmas table

Christmas table

So this year, I am deciding how much Christmas to actually roll out.  Luckily my sons aren’t babies anymore, so there is little fuss over decorating.  That and I think the boys have realized that decorating also means carting boxes up and down the stairs.

So far, I have 5 wreaths hung.  3 in the great room.  1 at the garage entrance.  1 on the jeep.

The Kissing Santa's

The Kissing Santa’s

I am thinking, just a few more memory wreaths, maybe a small live tree that can sit on the dog crates and finally the Kissing Santa’s. We’ll leave the rest in boxes in the basement. we’ll call it quits.

2 thoughts on “How much Christmans is Enough?

  1. Sounds like a plan! We do it pretty much the same way — a few creches, several Santas, maybe some garlands on the mantle. Gorgeous pointsettia at the front door; a wreath coming. Simple is good!

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