Manners & Tiered Pricing

Well, if you have watched the news this week, “manners” and “decorum” have been all the topic.  Since I don’t talk politics here, I’ll leave further research to you.

My girlfriend posted this article on her Facebook.  It was too good not to share with the rest of my friends.

Tres Bien!

Tres Bien!

Tiered Pricing at its Best!!!!

But what does this say, except that each of us have catastrophes & wished “we would do this in a heart beat!”.  The cranky customer, the ill tempered boss, the overbearing coworker.  And yet we each have our own price.

Think about it.  We each change the price in our own way.  Slower service.  Snarky Comments, out right pushback.  Every time we have succumbed to letting that petty little individual get our goat, we changed the price.  It may have been internal, but the price of interaction changed.

Just a little mental food fodder on a very cold Friday morning.  Now, go get a cup of coffee and go conquer your day.

Have a super weekend everyone!!!!!

That Kind of Day

That Kind of Day


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