Hanging on by a Toe

Today I went out of my comfort zone and went on to a ledge (of sorts), or at least a toe hold.  I went rock climbing for the first time.  It’s been on my bucket list for a while, but last night I agreed to try it for real.  My friend Sandy asked me to go climbing with another newbie, Kathleen.

So instead of doing a nice safe lunch of sushi, we trekked out to IBEX http://climbibex.com    learned to “belay” and went for broke.  For only knowing 1 person “fairly well” having the other unknown belay for me truly was a test of trust.  CRAZY.  But i did it!!  We DID it!!!!!!

I got to two top’s.  A 5.6, the green trail below in the corner by the door entry and a 5.7 with a nice incline on the other side of the wall.  My hands and thighs finally gave out after  2.5 hours of crazy fun!!  I can’t wait to go again!!!!!!

1441223_779774808706576_303327723_nThank you Sandy and Kathleen for a terrific day avoiding “people” and shopping centers!!


2 thoughts on “Hanging on by a Toe

  1. Wow, what a rush, Julia!
    We still remember the boyz doing some climbing at a sporting goods store in OP! What a long time ago that was…

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