a good day

What a wonderful Wednesday.  I slept all the way thru 9 hours last night.  Work was focused and fantastic for a month end.  Scout ate a minimal amount of items in the house.  Sean got home early and we had a family dinner.  a good day indeed.

Training today was easy peasy.  30 minute elliptical watching star trek nex gen, Rascals.


4 team members including Picard, have their ages reduced/reversed when beaming out of a shuttle craft.  Couple fun scenes that hit the memory.  My 1st is Giunan taunting Ro Laren into having fun!  Yes, despite all our memories, we turn to our have FUN moments.  Even recreating them as adults is more promising.  We know why we want to go to that space and time.  But don’t go there as escape.  Embrace and enjoy your transformation. My 2nd is these adults realizing that they can overcome their obstacles by embracing the things the hate most.  That is they hate they are now Young again.  But when you embrace your “situation” (or age) you can overcome anything!

Final training tonight, was easy laps.  Just 30 minutes.  before getting to the pool, I stopped by SwimKwik and picked up some hand scoops and ear plugs.  After yesterday, I realized the extra little h20 int he ears was really annoying and not helping  me relax  The water earplugs both kept out the water but really reduced the kid sounds too.  NICE.  The swim mitts, changed the upper body work out.

Well.  tired and enjoying watching David Blaine with my youngest.


Be one with your world.

Challenge others reality.


Something Green?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new recipe. I love kale and have been wanting to try some in a protein shake.

1.5 cups coconut milk
2 scoops protein powder.
1 apple (cored and sliced for the blendtec)
1.5 cups ice
1.5 cups chopped kale

Blend on smoothie and drink up



The natural pectin in the apple made it remarkable smooth and creamy!

My vote is a 2 thumbs up!!

My thoughts on protein powder and shakes. Bottom line, make your own. When you have control with what goes in, you can better manage your Marco nutrients, carbs, and get enough protein.

On protein powder . . . Read the damn label!!!! Go for as few ingredients as possible. Make sure you can read everything on that list!! I avoid.

Swimming with a Purpose!

Training has been going well. Breaking into new routines. Noon elliptical. Late afternoon, bike and/or swim.

I must say, it’s been nice to get back in the pool consistently. It’s not quiet when you swim, there is the water noise of your body pushing through, the water dribble out of your ear as you breath. Squeals of kids doing swimming lessons. The thrum of the fans circulating the air. There is a lot of noise to block out!!!

Earlier in the month, I’ve started with alternating laps. Free then breast. Today was the first day I wanted to do a full 500 meters all freestyle.

I did it. 15 minutes!!!! Wahoots!!

I spent the rest of my workout doing kick board, arms only and laps. Terrific 45 minute workout over all. The dude 3 lanes over had work out cards. What a neat idea. In swim team the work outs were on a white board. As an adult, I’ve only done laps. But I like the idea of a formal work out. Purpose. Drive. Timing. Goals. I found a couple sites that have goal work outs all set.

Look out Wednesday. Here I come.


My Lists

Ah Sunday morning.  No alarms, no whining to get up, just a little more relaxation and well listing.

After letting the pups outside and feeding them, I tried to go back to bed to get a little more shut eye.  Today was not the day for extra dream land sleep.  Instead it was a morning for “Listing”.  That process we all do in one for or another that gets us from point A to another letter.

My lists come in a couple of different ways.

First:   there is the proverbial shopping list.  Unless i’ve written it on the list, it will be a cold day in hell (or Kansas) before I remember what I was supposed to look for.  This week was stock up on cheap staples at Walmart.  I had the list going but I knew there had to be something I was missing.  I asked my hubby.  Nope.  My eldest (& Shopping Buddy) just rolled his eyes and cajoled me.  “It’s okay mom, you can’t remember everything”, he chides me.  Of course that is the funny thing, I remember so much so many useless facts, but that day to day stuff (you know . . . we need more toilet paper or eggs), may not stay on the front of my brain unless it gets written down.

Second: are my work lists.  These are the notes I take in a spiral binder when I am talking to someone on the phone.  I learned years ago, that I had to have a spiral or other hard type binder so I wouldn’t loose individual sheets of paper.  Steno pads work well, as do those black comp books.  But loose papers get lost or tossed and then I have nothing to refer back to.  I put an open box next to my “TO DO’s”.  Once the box is checked I am confident it’s done.  Since the binder is in date order, I can go back several weeks to months  to recall those pesky conversations or directions.  My teams both love and hate my book.  That is, when they start hearing the flipping of papers they “know I’m right” and groan and move on.

Third: are my long term fix it & house to do lists.  Unfortunately these are both typed & in my mind.  What I know needs to be fixed.  What I need to convince Rob needs fixing.  And  reconciling to what we can afford/actually schedule to fix.  Also in this section, is my personal project list.  My next art or organization project.  My current organization project is all over the ping pong table.  Sorting by date/even, organizing, and scanning worthy photos negatives into a digital medium.

Fourth: is our travel list.  Where do you we want to go.  When & who do we want/need to go with.  I’ve got a white board in the studio that we keep adding ideas to.  The scuba trip was on it.  So is our next trip to Europe and do the WWII northern france & holland trip.  I call it my bucket list.  But not in the sense I want /need to do soon.  More simply they are trips that you can’t do all at once.  Logistics.  Age.  Money.  All have to be worked into the formula.

We’ve both been fortunate.  Some trips fall into our laps.  The kind that you really have to say yes to.  An example of this was my work trip to Bangalore, India.  Three weeks of work, getting to know new cultures, and seeing some exceptional country side.  As I was clueing up photos, I found a couple of my pictures to Mysore.  Now, after nearly 6 or 7 years, I can’t wait to go back and visit my new friends and see different parts of their country.  High on my list is to get to Karala.  Bijoy is from there.  The festival pictures he’s sent are fabulous.  Also there are house boat excursions.  The boats travel along the inlet waters in lush green heaven.

Well enough reminiscing today.  Back to my 5th list.  or the what do i actually need to accomplish today and get me from morning to night.

  • feed dogs  check
  • make coffee & drink    check
  • blog       check
  • do laundry     check
  • download work emails      check

still to do . . .  which means it’s time for me to more coffee & get my arse moving.

    • take pups to dog park on this lovely 45 degree morning to throw tennis balls
    • go to gym for training this afternoon to avoid the “resolutions” and their traffic jams
    • finish boy scout accounting
    • cook a family dinner
    • hang with my handsome hubby

But first some pictures from India & Mysore.  Hey!!!  I don’t look like that any more!!!

  • Mysore - moving temple 2

Mysore Palace 2Mysore Temple 5Lunch with Joseph Akash Kate & JuliaMysore - Lunch hotel Lou & Julia Summer Palace - Gardens Team 4


When is Monday a work out holiday??

Never!!!!! Or at least not this week.
I was able to squeeze some time on the elliptical at lunch and looking forward to laps in the pool tonight. Well, more accurately I am looking forward to the hot tub after the laps.
Our shower is still out of whack, so I think I’ll avail myself of the gym showers to clean up.

Over the weekend , I made a point of saying hi to two new people and thanked the nice girl for taking care of the locker room. I don’t know how they keep up with all those towels. I am just thankful I don’t need to take mine and dry it out every day.

The January commercials for the latest fads still make me laugh. The latest was Jillian Michaels now doing adds for curves. This corner gym is billed as the every day girls gym. No hype, no guys and a place where you can be you. While I have no problem with target audience focused small business I was kind of curious in that the video in the commercial didn’t have a good population demographic. I know the sales is, if you go, you will look like this, but the marketers also need to remember that if you don’t show a cross section of your accurate demographics, you will ultimately limit your clientele.

So how should gyms advertise? I dunno. Cross fit seems to call the uber fit crowd and if you go there you can get more uber fit. Nutria systems seems to promise do this and you will look like this in no time (forget the small print that these results are not typical of normal clients). I think a year ago I read of a gym that dare I say discriminated against fat people. Ie they didn’t want too many overweight people.

At the end of the day, all these clubs and business are there to make money. They won’t make you thin or fit. Only you can do that. Slowly. One day at a time, you are the one that chooses to do things differently and change one habit at a time.

I think the best way is to learn about what you eat and how it affects you. Healthy and natural isn’t that unless you know what’s in it!!
Classic example is the picture below. Just how healthy is that salad you ordered at lunch??? Surprised??? Yup that is how many sugar grams are in each of those items. WoW!!

So if you are looking to make a change this week, how about reading a label and deciding to make your own salad. Be a conscious eater.


Now go take some time for yourself and GO PLAY.

Happy Friday Everyone!!

You know the day is going to start out cold when even the dogs climb in bed with you.  Scout needs to cuddle.  Unfortunately, when he climbs on the bed, he takes up MY side of the bed.  Oh well.  I guess everyone needs to be on the warmest side of the bed.

It was a successful gym week.  Swimming, biking, dog walking.  I know the scale hasn’t changed, but i know things are good when my clothes feel good to.

Speaking of the gym, you know it’s January, when all the newbies show up in the gym. Machines are packed.  parking lot is a zoo.  treadmills cranking away.  weight loss diet fads playing on the commercials.  Good to see that american commerce is alive and well.

Despite above, I have an ask for each of you to do this next week.

SAY “HI” to a newbie at the gym.

Remember we all started the same way.  fat, flabby, and feeling shy. hoping nobody noticed that we “shouldn’t” be there.  OF Course that’s wrong!!!!  They should be there!!!  They are listening to that little voice in their head saying you can do better.  You can rise above!  & you definitely can meet your potential.  So be nice and welcome them!!

Now get off the couch and go play!

That Kind of Day

That Kind of Day


start training

Calendar says it is a swim day. Nice to get in the pool at lifetime.

40 minutes laps alternating between breast stroke and freestyle. Even used the buoy and kick board for a couple lengths. With knee surgery kick board, I can tell my leg strength needs work. It seemed like I was barely moving down the lane with the kick board. On the other hand I felt like I flew using upper body and the buoy.

The dude in the lane over was a splasher at kick turns. But at least I had a lane to myself.

It was nice to have quiet time with the laps. That was interrupted a bit with a stupid alarm sounding for what seemed like 5 minutes. I find myself counting strokes not laps. I wish I had a bead counter to log laps. When I count strokes, it’s a 1-2-3-4 then breathe.

Best part of the work out was the whirlpool afterwards. Go Team!!


Win for KC

I never set my new year’s resolutions at the beginning of the year.  For me, that is the surest way to fail.  Instead, I spend the holiday thinking about what one big thing I want to do or change in the coming year.  I roll it over in my mind.  obsess about it.  finally I act.  Bottom line, by the time I commit, I’m in for the long haul.  It’s a done deal, I’ll make my goals.

This weekend, I finally took the plunge.  I agreed with my friend to do the Win for KC- Women’s Triathlon.


Don’t have a heart attack!!!  Because this is something that has been on that internal bucket list.  2014 is simply the year it bubbled to the top of the list.  The hardest part is actually declaring PUBLICLY that I’m going to do it.

So without further ado, I’m going to do the Win for KC Women’s Triathlon in July 2014!!!


gulp.  let the training begin!!!