The Way Back

Anyone who is as old as I am gets stuck with the same language in their head. The words we use to describe things and places. The auto show brought the “way back” to mind.

In my day, We had no mini vans, no explorers.

I grew up with a 1969 Ford Fairlane station wagon. It was a tank. A land yacht. The body was so strong, that the time i rear ended someone in Solana Beach, the engine mounts were what gave way, effectively requiring a new radiator and fan belts (yes along with new engine mounts).

We shuttled in car pools to school and swim team. Seat belts? Nope. Just 4 to 5 across the back seat. Some days you were lucky and you would get the way back all to yourself. It wasn’t terribly comfortable. It was a metal box over the back wheel wells. If you were careless, you would scratch skin on the rivet hinges that closed the “trunk”.

This Chevy Nomad was just that kind of car. All the places to put kids and luggage. Ah. Those were the days.



4 thoughts on “The Way Back

  1. … And it travelled 225,000 miles before giving up the ghost. Remember those trips to Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Zion, Seattle, Murphy’s?

  2. Don’t forget the weekend trips to Lake Cuyamaca, Julian, and Warner Springs!!
    I just looked them up and they are still there!!

    I think my favorite was getting to stop by Milton’s/Minton’s bakery. Those cinnamon bread was da bomb. Too bad I don’t eat bread any more. Sean & Rob stink (heavenly stink) up the joint when they cook some up.

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