Happy Friday Everyone!!

You know the day is going to start out cold when even the dogs climb in bed with you.  Scout needs to cuddle.  Unfortunately, when he climbs on the bed, he takes up MY side of the bed.  Oh well.  I guess everyone needs to be on the warmest side of the bed.

It was a successful gym week.  Swimming, biking, dog walking.  I know the scale hasn’t changed, but i know things are good when my clothes feel good to.

Speaking of the gym, you know it’s January, when all the newbies show up in the gym. Machines are packed.  parking lot is a zoo.  treadmills cranking away.  weight loss diet fads playing on the commercials.  Good to see that american commerce is alive and well.

Despite above, I have an ask for each of you to do this next week.

SAY “HI” to a newbie at the gym.

Remember we all started the same way.  fat, flabby, and feeling shy. hoping nobody noticed that we “shouldn’t” be there.  OF Course that’s wrong!!!!  They should be there!!!  They are listening to that little voice in their head saying you can do better.  You can rise above!  & you definitely can meet your potential.  So be nice and welcome them!!

Now get off the couch and go play!

That Kind of Day

That Kind of Day


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