Swimming with a Purpose!

Training has been going well. Breaking into new routines. Noon elliptical. Late afternoon, bike and/or swim.

I must say, it’s been nice to get back in the pool consistently. It’s not quiet when you swim, there is the water noise of your body pushing through, the water dribble out of your ear as you breath. Squeals of kids doing swimming lessons. The thrum of the fans circulating the air. There is a lot of noise to block out!!!

Earlier in the month, I’ve started with alternating laps. Free then breast. Today was the first day I wanted to do a full 500 meters all freestyle.

I did it. 15 minutes!!!! Wahoots!!

I spent the rest of my workout doing kick board, arms only and laps. Terrific 45 minute workout over all. The dude 3 lanes over had work out cards. What a neat idea. In swim team the work outs were on a white board. As an adult, I’ve only done laps. But I like the idea of a formal work out. Purpose. Drive. Timing. Goals. I found a couple sites that have goal work outs all set.

Look out Wednesday. Here I come.


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