Animal Activity (AA 101)


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Any modern zoo worth it’s salt does everything to provide an active enrichment program for their animals.  Enrichment is the principal and activity to create positive interactive experiences that increase the animal’s wellbeing via sensory, feeding, manipulation, environmental, social, training … Continue reading

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Same Zoo Picture (insert year here)

As my photo project is taking up ALL the flat space in my basement studio, I realize I have multiple iterations of “Zoo circa x”.  Of course the realization set in, when Ben G and I were comparing digital pic screens going after the same shot.

I accept I am a late convert to digital. I love film.  Granted I never developed my own film, but the process of loading film, working the light and aperture was the mystery surprise once I turned my film in.  After owning a scrapbook store, i realized, it isn’t the amount of pictures, but getting THE picture.  It’s like drawing.  You have to scribble a whole lot of crappy drawings until you have the ONE.  Honestly, photography is the same thing.  You are working to capture that moment in real time.  digital or not, the objective it to capture that moment.

So.  Zoo (enter date here).  My goal is to capture the moment.  Capture the things that people don’t look at.  CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK  sort it out later but CLICK CLICK CLICK.

IMG_3520 IMG_3521 IMG_3529


IMG_3522This young one was put there or “hiding”.  Through glass and Scouts, the picture was there.


Zoo-rific Campout

The troop trekked up Omaha Nebraska over the weekend for a campout in the Zoo.  The Henry Doorly Zoo offers scouts and other groups the opportunity to sleep in a jungle, have night time hikes, and an animal experience like none other.



Boys set up on the floor and paths of the Lied Jungle.  Our Counselor Steve took us on a fantastic hike!  My favorite part of the night hike were the bats. They would fly out of the rock crevices and take turns eating the fruit.  While this picture is blurred from the night time shooting, I wanted to share the blurred image of the bat wings as them hung eating.



Water was everywhere.  The humidity in the building was very high.  Because the outside was so cold, the water just seemed to drop from the sky.

Light it Up- Music Video by Jeremy Day

I’ve been sitting on this music video produced by my son for weeks now.  Finally I get to SHARE IT!!!!!     Each year, the broad cast 1&2 classes produce music videos.  Watching these kids interpret the music, grow creatively and birth an idea is simply wonderful.

After you enjoy “Light it Up” by Scott and Brendo, be sure to enjoy the other videos the students completed.  Also check out the “behind the scenes” clips.  You’ll crack up!!

Jeremy started with the music and then developed the video concept.  He listened to it over and over in the kitchen this fall.  The melody and lyrics start quietly and then explode. That is where he was inspired by the creative process. A little kernel of an idea and the Boom! The idea is there and you go with it. My favorite part of the video is how it starts in black and white and then moves to color.

Here is the link to Studio 424.  I hope you enjoy the other students work.

Day 3 snowmageddon

Well, day three of the boys being off school from Snowmageddon is coming to a close. Roads outside of the neighborhood were passable, but most neighborhoods on both sides of the state line, were in sad sad shape. Even our court was plowed to “not so” bare minimum. Oh well.

Today was my day to absolutely get out to the gym today. Plowing and shoveling snow is a good work out. You come inside like a tired dog, but it isn’t the same as a normal focused workout. Today was toooooo cold for the pool, but I did a “2-fir” in any case. 45 minutes at lunch on the elliptical and another 40 minutes on the spinning cycle at the gym. My goal was to do 1 song sitting and 1 song standing,

Yeah!!!! Success!!!

Time to relax and avoid the chilly sub weather. Finding my den!!


Snowed In!!!!

Winter, the snow kind, has finally hit Kansas. It’s been cold. We’ve had a couple of bouts with ice, but measurable snow.

Today I that changed. Depending on where you are 6-14 inches. Our front yard had a solid 6. I plowed the drive way, walk and back deck and we’ll see how much we get the reset of the night.

After the plowing, the dogs had a good game of fetch with orange game decoys. They don’t get lost in the snow and you can always fine the,.

Yes, it’s good to have tired puppies!!

All that’s left is a shower and some home made Osso Bucco. Mmmmmmm


Sunday Morning Spin

Heading into Super Bowl Sunday, we had a pretty busy weekend!  Friends over for wine and appetizers on Friday night.  Gym, errands, dinner and and theater on Saturday.  Sean was the Shoe Shine boy and in the ensemble for BVN’s production of Young Frankenstein, Mel Brooks’ adaptation of the show into a musical.

Young Frankenstein is one of Rob and my favorite shows.  The story, the lines, ah sweet mystery of life.  Since it is high school, they had parent volunteers help break the sets after the show.  So Rob and I stayed late with gloves and helped do heavy lifting.  I am so impressed how the schools now strike sets.  It is a MASSIVE group effort.  None of the crew or cast is dismissed until it’s complete.  Those kids ( and parents) worked so hard and fast to dissemble those sets.  Everything but some of the standard walls were broken down to parts.  Sean went to his first cast party and thankfully arranged for transportation to and fro.  He got the first “don’t get in a car with anyone who has been drinking” talk.  We’ll come get you.  period.  just ask.

Somehow getting home at midnight and then crashing to bed, 8 am decided to rear it’s ugly head with a bright icy chilly Sunday morning!   Brrrrrrr!!!!!!

A cold morning means a hot breakfast is in order.  I use the toaster oven and line a couple meats, like cappricola or proschutto, then add the stuffed mushroom sausage and top with munster cheese.  Broil that for a couple minutes while you fry up eggs.  Voila  yumminess!!!

A good protein break bask is exactly what I needed for my gym exercise today.  I had been getting milage in on the electric bikes.  Today I moved over to the spinning cycle.  20 minutes on the spinner.  about  a 1/3 of that standing instead of sitting.  Then 20 minutes on the treadmill to do intervals.  My jog was more of a walk and my run more of a jog.  But in any case it was nice to do the bike then run combo.

Yeah!!!  Tired out but happy as a clam!!

Spinning cycle