Day 3 snowmageddon

Well, day three of the boys being off school from Snowmageddon is coming to a close. Roads outside of the neighborhood were passable, but most neighborhoods on both sides of the state line, were in sad sad shape. Even our court was plowed to “not so” bare minimum. Oh well.

Today was my day to absolutely get out to the gym today. Plowing and shoveling snow is a good work out. You come inside like a tired dog, but it isn’t the same as a normal focused workout. Today was toooooo cold for the pool, but I did a “2-fir” in any case. 45 minutes at lunch on the elliptical and another 40 minutes on the spinning cycle at the gym. My goal was to do 1 song sitting and 1 song standing,

Yeah!!!! Success!!!

Time to relax and avoid the chilly sub weather. Finding my den!!


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