Light it Up- Music Video by Jeremy Day

I’ve been sitting on this music video produced by my son for weeks now.  Finally I get to SHARE IT!!!!!     Each year, the broad cast 1&2 classes produce music videos.  Watching these kids interpret the music, grow creatively and birth an idea is simply wonderful.

After you enjoy “Light it Up” by Scott and Brendo, be sure to enjoy the other videos the students completed.  Also check out the “behind the scenes” clips.  You’ll crack up!!

Jeremy started with the music and then developed the video concept.  He listened to it over and over in the kitchen this fall.  The melody and lyrics start quietly and then explode. That is where he was inspired by the creative process. A little kernel of an idea and the Boom! The idea is there and you go with it. My favorite part of the video is how it starts in black and white and then moves to color.

Here is the link to Studio 424.  I hope you enjoy the other students work.

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