Same Zoo Picture (insert year here)

As my photo project is taking up ALL the flat space in my basement studio, I realize I have multiple iterations of “Zoo circa x”.  Of course the realization set in, when Ben G and I were comparing digital pic screens going after the same shot.

I accept I am a late convert to digital. I love film.  Granted I never developed my own film, but the process of loading film, working the light and aperture was the mystery surprise once I turned my film in.  After owning a scrapbook store, i realized, it isn’t the amount of pictures, but getting THE picture.  It’s like drawing.  You have to scribble a whole lot of crappy drawings until you have the ONE.  Honestly, photography is the same thing.  You are working to capture that moment in real time.  digital or not, the objective it to capture that moment.

So.  Zoo (enter date here).  My goal is to capture the moment.  Capture the things that people don’t look at.  CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK  sort it out later but CLICK CLICK CLICK.

IMG_3520 IMG_3521 IMG_3529


IMG_3522This young one was put there or “hiding”.  Through glass and Scouts, the picture was there.


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