Finished my first triathlon !!!!!

#38 finished.

Swim was easy but when you get started you have a little too much adrenalin and you have to remind your self to swim at your pace.

Bike was good they take the times and write them down. My ass hurts most from the bike. I had a bit of a calf cramp at the end

I feel the best about my run. I did 1.41 miles in 20 minutes. Avg speed was 4.2. A real improvement after last training. I think I worried the lady as my face was bright red since I am a mouth breather.

Can’t wait for my next event!! Time for some new saddle shorts and running shoes.


Hail Robin

Spring started this week with extremely cold winds from the North and then flopped over for a 60 degree thunder & hail storm.

One enterprising robin took refuge under the jeep until the storm passed.

This video doesn’t exist


Hail Storm Bird 1 (3-27-14) Hail Storm Bird 2 (3-27-14)

So Tired

It’s hard to put into words how energized I can be some days and how absolutely drained, achy and tired i feel the next.  I know it is a build up over days (sometimes weeks of stress)  but still it surprises me and ALWAYS hits like a ton of bricks.

This mama lioness is ready for the weekend with no responsabilities.  Just saying. Oh yeah just did.

rrrrr ready for the weekend

rrrrr ready for the weekend


Making the most of it

Decided with the weather so fine, it was high time to ride my bike to the gym to swim. It’s not very far to ride, but more challenging with roads and lights.

Swam .7145 of a mile. Then road home. I think the best way with the least traffic is to go thru Corbin Park.

Good work out but now I’m pooped out.

The funny thing was all the looks you get from the folks driving up. WoW! Someone actually used their own power to get here!

Spring is almost here!!!!


Spring Transformation

March is a month of teasing in Kansas.  30 degrees one day.  74 degrees the next day.  Thunderstorms and hail that night.  If the temp goes up, you know it will plummet down like a bowling ball dropped from Argo Hall.

This week has been no exception.  After a long chilly winter, Monday opened up with a 70 degree day.  After work I got my Trek out and did about five miles.  Except for the Kansas wind, today warmth was even better.  73 degrees beckoned be to do about 8 miles on the Tomahawk Creek trail from Ilan park.

It’s good to come home like a tired dog.  Still waiting for the full transformation from winter to spring.  Almost there.

IMG_3770 - Version 2

How Human are You?

I saw a teaser on Nat Geo for an upcoming show.  How Human are You?

They take animal characteristics and apply them to human behavior.  Looks so interesting! Of course after last weekends trip to the zoo, I am always amazed how little some of these kids are about animal activities!!!  Don’t they spend time watching these Nat Geo shows!

No remember I grew up watching Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.  It was safe responsible tv in the days of loose morals on the Love Boat ( yes I can still hear my mother saying that real people don’t just meet and go to be with each other), Wild Kingdom was it!  There was travel, adventure, and most importantly a little danger as Jim goes out of the blind to wrestle the crocodile.

So when I hear scout’s sniggering about how red the monkey’s butt is, I have to 1) laugh a little and 2) step up and bluntly tell the scout’s that “the monkey with the biggest reddest butt has the best chance of electing a mate and continuing it’s genes on to the next generation”.  They stop and slowly look my way first realizing that yes, Mrs Day just said butt!! But then they engage and ask what other behaviors might indicate who is top monkey?  Yes!  Education wins again.

IMG_3544 IMG_3544 - Version 2 IMG_3548


Notice and decide.  Given the tools for learning about this families social interactions the scouts can slowly figure it out . . . Who grooms who.  Who has the highest perch.  Who do the little ones bug. Who moves first. Who is off to the side.  All the questions help us understand their social hierarchy.

IMG_3539 IMG_3540We may wear clothes, but We still share a lot with our ancestral cousins.