How Human are You?

I saw a teaser on Nat Geo for an upcoming show.  How Human are You?

They take animal characteristics and apply them to human behavior.  Looks so interesting! Of course after last weekends trip to the zoo, I am always amazed how little some of these kids are about animal activities!!!  Don’t they spend time watching these Nat Geo shows!

No remember I grew up watching Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.  It was safe responsible tv in the days of loose morals on the Love Boat ( yes I can still hear my mother saying that real people don’t just meet and go to be with each other), Wild Kingdom was it!  There was travel, adventure, and most importantly a little danger as Jim goes out of the blind to wrestle the crocodile.

So when I hear scout’s sniggering about how red the monkey’s butt is, I have to 1) laugh a little and 2) step up and bluntly tell the scout’s that “the monkey with the biggest reddest butt has the best chance of electing a mate and continuing it’s genes on to the next generation”.  They stop and slowly look my way first realizing that yes, Mrs Day just said butt!! But then they engage and ask what other behaviors might indicate who is top monkey?  Yes!  Education wins again.

IMG_3544 IMG_3544 - Version 2 IMG_3548


Notice and decide.  Given the tools for learning about this families social interactions the scouts can slowly figure it out . . . Who grooms who.  Who has the highest perch.  Who do the little ones bug. Who moves first. Who is off to the side.  All the questions help us understand their social hierarchy.

IMG_3539 IMG_3540We may wear clothes, but We still share a lot with our ancestral cousins.


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