Tri Training continues

Fortunately or unfortunately, I took most of April off for hard core training.  I think you need those breaks.

Sunday I knuckled down to map out my next 12 weeks.  I’ve had to modify things a bit for Bartle & DR travels.

So what’s the difference?  In January thru March – I did my own internal schedule do this on this day.  For May thru July, I made boxes to check off.  Yup it’s done if you have a pink boxCalendar

Now go get outside and play today!!

Who put what in the fridge???

Trying to pull dinner together and I see a container that I didn’t freeze.

????? What the hey????????


Evidently my eldest put poor Captain America in the freezer as a prank and forgot about it.

This is one jacuzzi trip gone bad.


Good to send the poor man back to the bat cave.