Cemeteries are interesting places.  The final resting place for so many.  The new ones are park like settings with just flowers sticking up at the grave markers.  Narrow.  Tree lined.  Ordered. Everyone in their place.

Personally I like older cemeteries.  The ones with monuments.  From statuary to mausoleums.  The older the better.

The mustang scouts were camping on the back property of Mt Moriah this weekend.  I got to ride my bike around the cemetery.  fun!

only one good statue.

IMGA0631 IMGA0633


Taco Bar & Auction – Fundraiser For Alex Fraser Troop 10 Eagle Scout

Kansas Area Friends-

Please join our family to support Alex Fraser.  Alex is a Troop 10 Eagle Scout and a senior at Blue Valley North High School.  While on vacation this spring with his family, he sustained a paralyzing injury.  Alex is still in Denver receiving treatment.

The Taco Bar and auction will raise funds for his treatment and long term care.  Plan on bringing a chair, but everything else is provided.

Alex Frazier


Thanks and we look forward to seeing you or meeting you there.