Hot Springs – Yellowstone Lake

Being stuck inside and fairly immobile gets me wanting to be outside.  What better way then to review trip photo’s and plan the next time to go back.

Below is from 2010’s trip to Yellowstone.  We took a hike around one of the many walking areas around Yellowstone Lake.  The lake is the largest highest elevation lake in the US.

Looking at the photo you can only imagine the 2 worlds of “habitable” and “inhospitable” areas.  Both are probably equally deadly, but one side looks so much more inviting.

I think we got to hear a ranger at this site.  She laughed off on of the kids questions on if you could go swimming in the nice “blue” water.  Giggling and looking at parents she joyfully said, “If the fall & the boiling water doesn’t kill you, the bacteria living in there will!  So mom’s and dad’s, if you want to take your children home . . . keep a close eye on them.”

yellowstone lake hot spring 2010

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