Bucket List

As I’ve completed my second sprint triathlon, I am reminded that we all need bucket lists.  We had ours in the basement at the bottom of the stairs.  Eldest kept needing the white board for his Broadcast episodes “The more you know”.  I would refill in the spaces when he was done, but then the board would come down again. Redo, repeat, redo, repeat, etc.

So as we get older, the list becomes stronger.  The questions get harder, more intense.

  • What do you really want to do??? 
  • What legacy do you want to leave???
  • Did you meet some of those goals you set for yourself!!!????

My answer is yes.  I am finally starting to do things I want to and am meeting those goals.  Yes!!! I am proud of the legacy we are leaving for our sons.  This was forged by my parents and step parents.  You can do it!! Strive for the best!! We can’t wait to see you do “_______”.

How lucky is that?  48.5 years old and . . . boom. I finally did my triathlon ( thank you Magnum PI & Tom Selleck). And what’s more.  I can’t wait for the next.

So as you think what is your dream. . . Find your space to make it happen.
And. Tell us about it. 

Dream big my friends.  Achieve your best!!!!



  1. the action of anticipating something; expectation or prediction.
    “her eyes sparkled with anticipation
    1. MUSIC
      the introduction in a composition of part of a chord that is about to follow in full.

    Today is the day of waiting.  You planned, you worked.  It’s almost here. but it isn’t here yet.

    Anti        ci      pation!!

    Lone Star Geyser-proc

    The waiting for it.  The working for it.  The realization it’s going to happen soon!

    I truly find my self excited today. I am ready for my race tomorrow.  I feel good.  I feel rested.  For once, I’m not injured and getting ready to suck up the pain.

    I’ll be in the second heat tomorrow.  Here is a fun link on the course map etc.

    Kill Creek Triathlon

    A big thanks to everyone!! Can’t wait to share pictures tomorrow.