Yeah Saturday (CD5)

So glad it is Saturday. Rob let me sleep in to nearly 7am. We still had to get going as Sean had merit badge forum today at COR. After dropping him off, I made it to the gym.

It always strikes me interesting how crowded it is in January. Not really, but it sure makes the regulars cranky. I had a terrific work out of modified stair/Elip machine then crunches and more crunches. Nice to be a tired dog.

Unfortunately the extra crowds mean the skinny cows are now parking in the handicap sections. As a rule follower this drives me crazy. Today’s said cow not only parked in the section, but “in between” spaces, cause you know, it’s not technically the handicap section. So, being in one of those moods, I gave her grief and called her out on it. It’s always fun to get the cows riled up. Maybe she’ll think about it differently tomorrow. Anyway, here’s to the new Leawood Lazy club. May cosmic karma find their home.



Oh. 1.5 lbs this week.


daily check in

  • Breakfast eggs sausage coffee cream
  • Lunch roast chicken
  • Dinner Rob’s Meat loaf.  Yum. Topped with motzerella and pepperoni

No lunch walkies today with Shirley,  just wall push ups and short sprint intervals at gym.

Sigh.  My vacation mojo is waning already.  Must get back to center.

Ahhhhhhhhh  Puppy Therapy.  Better now.

Puppy Therapy



In an effort to stay honest, here is my check in for commitment day.

Bkfst. Eggs with coffee
Peppermint tea
Lunch roast chicken
Snack clementines
Dinner broiled salmon with mushrooms

30 min lunch walk with Shirley.
30 min treadmill with hills and sprints at gym (really sucked as my shuffle ran out of power).