Poached Eggs with Salmon & Capers

Busy morning so far.  Up with the dog for early morning potty trips.  We went to Stanley Vet for Scout’s next round of shots. Finally home and everyone is ready to relax before we have Troop 10’s C Team invade us later for rehearsal and crafting session.

Just as I was ready to sit down, Rob asked if I’d eaten yet.  NOPE!!  We headed to the kitchen to scrounge some grub-n-zie left overs to go with eggs. Rob toasted up open face cheese & pepperoni slices to go with his poached eggs.  I heated up some left over salmon to go with mine.

For Christmas Rob got me a new Le Creuset poaching pan.  WoW! I love this puppy.

Egg Poach Pan

This was the 2nd time we used the pan.  For this go round, I put a little bit of butter in each of the cups so that the eggs would release more easily.  It worked like a charm.

Poached Eggs with Salmon & Capers

Just look at how the yolk runs out perfect and gooey.  MMMMMMM.  Capers compliment the eggs and salmon just wonderfully.  A little bit of salty goodness.

poached eggs

No better way to start the “day” then with my bestest honey for breakfast.

Pepper Egg Rings

I think I saw a picture on marks daily apple for this. We had all the ingredients this am.

Cut pepper rings and cook slightly in pre heated pan with butter
Turn over peppers. Mmmmmm look at that carmeley goodness.
Crack egg in each ring.
Reduce heat slightly and cook. You can cover with a lid for better heat control.
Or out under broiler for 2 minutes.

Serve with bacon, salsa, and a cup of joe.

Happy Saturday!!!




Meatloaf Frittata

I found a great new site. Well, actually, Rob found the app months ago and I didn’t follow up on it. Then I found the link from another site and told him all about it (insert snicker here).


Terrific set of recipes. She had me at the bacon/guacamole Sammie’s. But this morning we tried the frittata.

Preheat oven to 350 deg

Took last nights leftover meatloaf, broke up and warmed up in pan.
Add sliced bits of capricola (mmmmmm spicy) and green onions.

Put 1/2 tbs butter in medium ramekin. Throw in oven to melt.

When protein mixture is all heated, add to ramekin with the butter.

In separate bowl, mix up 2 eggs and a bit of cream. Add to ramekin.

Throw in oven for 15 minutes. Eat. Savor. Enjoy.

What not to do:
If you are making more than 1 serving, do not mix all 4 eggs and pour from 1 bowl or if you do, pour more carefully than I do. The egg/cream mixture slipped out so quickly there was no way to recover. I stead I quickly just beat up 2 more eggs and added to the other ramekin.

Can you tell the difference in which had the cream???



And shown next to With below. Really quite a difference.
The cream was much more fluffy. Also with the 4 eggs instead of two it took longer to cook
The non cream was much more dense like quiche batter

Either way makes a fantastic breakfast with my honey.


What did you enjoy for breakfast?? Make sure it fuels your body and your soul!!

Then . . . Wait for it . . . Go get outside already!!!!!

Avocado Eggs & Bacon

Somewhere between getting all the ingredients out and flipping the eggs, Rob banned me from knifes today.  Lucky for him, I ignored him. We had eggs over medium with a little melted mexican cheese, freshly sliced avocado & some bacon.  Top that with coffee with coconut milk and voila! Quality time with your husband before the kids get up!  What could be better?  Not much, in my opinion! 

What did you enjoy for breakfast this morning??   If you haven’t moved over to the “Dark Side” and begun to enjoy breakfast, here are some great reasons presented by Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D. at the Mayo Clinic on why Breakfast is Essential!

Here are some of the ways that regularly eating a healthy breakfast may help you lose excess weight and maintain your weight loss:

  • Reduced hunger. Eating breakfast may reduce your hunger later in the day, which may make it easier to avoid overeating. When you skip breakfast, you may feel ravenous later and be tempted to reach for a quick fix — such as vending machine candy or doughnuts at the office. In addition, the prolonged fasting that occurs when you skip breakfast can increase your body’s insulin response, which in turn increases fat storage and weight gain. In fact, skipping breakfast actually increases your risk of obesity.
  • Healthy choices. Eating breakfast may get you on track to make healthy choices all day. When you eat breakfast, you tend to eat a healthier overall diet, one that is more nutritious and lower in fat. When you skip breakfast, you’re more likely to skip fruits and vegetables the rest of the day, too.
  • More energy. Eating breakfast may give you energy, increasing your physical activity during the day. A healthy breakfast refuels your body and replenishes the glycogen stores that supply your muscles with immediate energy. Skipping breakfast is associated with decreased physical activity.

So, if you skip breakfast — whether you’re trying to save time or cut calories — you may want to reconsider, especially if you’re trying to control your weight.


No digits or husbands were harmed in the writing of this post.