Humulus Lupulus or Hops

My neighbor is a beer dude.  At first I thought he was “frying turkey’s” in his garage.  Be careful man.  We don’t need you blowing up your house!!  “Nooooo, he assured us.  Just making a batch of home made brew”.

Last year, beer dude even planted his own Hops bushes.  These have been so much fun to watch grow.  He had them trained up the vine trellis.

This year, the little flowers were close enough that I could get a couple good pictures of the buds as they peaked through the fence.

Hops flower at chez day Hops @ chez day

Even Buck decided to try munching on the little buds.

Buck with Hops Mmmmmmm More Hops

No beer for me.  Last time I took a sip was when the Gordon Beirsch opened in Leawood.  A glass of brew and garlic fries turned my insides out.  I’ve stuck to wine ever since.

Sometimes the smells of things (like pizza) still waft over and tease that, sure, you can eat just a little.  But no.  The pain just isn’t worth it.

More From Wikipedia

Humulus lupulus (common hop or hop) is a species of flowering plant in the Cannabaceae familynative to Europe, western Asia and North America. It is a dioeciousperennialherbaceous climbing plant which sends up new shoots in early spring and dies back to a cold-hardy rhizome in autumn. Strictly speaking it is a bine rather than a vine, using its own shoots to act as supports for new growth.

The species is a main ingredient of many beers, and as such is widely cultivated for use by the brewing industry (for more information, see the main article on Hops). The fragrant flower cones (hops) impart bitterness and flavor, and also have preservative qualities.[1] The extract is antimicrobial, which makes it useful for making natural deodorant.[2] Hops also contain the potent phytoestrogen8-prenylnaringenin, that may have a relative binding affinity to estrogenreceptors.[3] Hop also contains myrcenehumulenexanthohumolmyrcenollinalooltannins, and resin.

Getting the Walk in

Today was much busier than anticipated. Goal get a walk in. No go at work.

Choice #1 go to Whole Foods and do shopping before Royals game to night.

Choice #2 look into those beautiful puppy dog eyes and walk the dog.

Duh!!! #2 was the clear winner


Royals seem to be doing much better tonight. Mid 5, we are up 3-2

My new favorite cook is Janet. She made an excellent dinner. Poor Rob. Didn’t get superb service. The order taker messed up, and it took 1 full inning before they realized. 2 innings later. FINALLY food. Yikes!!!!!

So I was pulling pictures up today. This was April 2009 at my darling niece, Samantha’s, wedding


And last night.


Pretty cool looking with my handsome honey. EH????