Order of the Arrow – Tap out Ceremony

If you don’t know by now, we’re a scouting family.  One of the big campouts every year is the Tap Out.  This ceremony is to “tap out” the scouts and adult scouters that have been elected by their peers to join Order of the Arrow.  OA is an honor camping society that was developed by Lord Baden Powell to help boys continue on the trail to eagle.  Boys must be a 1st class scout, have done a long term “camp” and had enough camping nights.  It is pretty neat.  Adults must have the same camping and are also looked to as leaders in the troop.

This year we were at camp Timberlake just south of Overland Park.  It was an old girl scout camp.  There is a small lake, a stream, plenty of trees and grass.  We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.

taking care of the flag

Well our Troop does a pretty awesome ceremony.  And I am proud to death that both my sons both participate and were lead characters.

Here is Jeremy.  He rode in on horseback this year as Mateu, the wise medicine man.  Mateu Entrance on Horse

Sean was Kitchkenet.  One of the Warrior’s that stares down the little scouts and taps them out


The Stare Down

Mark of Mateu

big fire

Missing a picture of my hubby Rob.  When i find one of us, I’ll insert it into the post.  here is Sean and I.

Sean & Julia

So proud of their hard work.  All the boys were wonderful in the ceremony.  A special thanks to Rob Baker who helps mentor my young men.



Equine Camping

We took the Dodson’s camping again this weekend. I reserved the spot. It looked so close to the lake. We brought both kayaks. Life was going to be fantastic. We even arranged to bring both the family’s dogs.

Not so fast Bucko!

First we had a hard time finding the campground (yes, sounding familiar already). We finally found a better map and our campground was around the other side. Back out onto the road drive drive drive.

Yes turn left here. There is the sign. Saddle ridge. Yup I found the horse campground again. With much blessings, at least I had the very last far end slip reserved. The nice lady next to us had 3 lovely black horses. The youngest kept calling over to Buck to play. With it’s little horsey play motions, Buck was going to just wander over to play with the big black dog. Nut uh buddy!! Come on back, he’s just luring you over there!!