Sunday is a Rest day

After a nasty 60+ hour week this week. This has been a non techno weekend. So countdown for what was great???? (Not in any order except put down on ‘paper’)

1) Hang with my boyfriend and rrrrhh
2) go on walkies
3) dinner drinks with our “best’ies”
4) sleep in both days (thanks Rob!!!!)
5) dog park
6) helping Kathi start a quilt.
7) mindless sewing
8) laundry can be therapeutic
9) buying lemonaide from from the neighbor kids
10) hanging on the deck


Dog Park

We got to play outside today. After a leisurely morning with breakfast and coffee, Rob, Buck and I went to Heritage Park for out door walkies. The temperature was perfect!!!!! Chilly but no wind. I know we are going to be slammed with weather soon, but we are still enjoying the day.

Buck found the mud wallow and was up to his belly in the muck. Yes he earned himself a ride home in the way back of the van and a shower. Yuck!!!!





Rob and I went to church today. The temperature started at 60 deg. We loaded up the kayaks on Vanni, and even talked Jeremy into going with us.

The lake is very low. At least 1-2 feet down. All around the lake is a small rocky shore. The water looked really good.

Dog park was packed. Lots of ball and sticks being thrown while every one took advantage of this lovely morning. Jeremy was great and threw plenty of balls back to shore.

After 1 hour doing the full perimeter of the lake, we said amen and went home.