Doing Without

Think back.  Way Back.  When you do you remember not having a cell phone.  Not just the “smart phones” but even a bulky brick and then gasp a flip phone.  For me it’s been somewhere between 17 &  20 years that I’ve been carrying around some kind of phone.



I never thought I was tethered to a communication device until my fall last year.  Falling and  not being heard / found was one of the scariest moments of my life.  Right up there with wiping out on my bicycle in 8th grade at the bottom of 9th street right in front of traffic.  Scary bad. My phone is my security blanket.  I have it in my purse or in my backpack on rides.  When I ride or run alone I turn on my eCrumb in case I fall and become immobile.

When my phone took dip in the toilet last week, it had to go into rice jail to dry out.  No phone.  Email access only.  Changing appointments was a challenge and only accomplished by email or texts to my favorites.  I had to figure out how to do Road ID’s crumb from my iPad and then of course had to carry more weight on the ride. It all worked out fine, but the silence was interesting.  Moreover, the old skills turned back on.

Take Sunday.  I had any early appointment.  I made sure I was on time.  Plenty of time to get coffee and a table.  I sat down and nothing.  no cell.  no iPad.  just listening to people and waiting for my appointment.  Faith they would show up cause they couldn’t text they would be late.  No way for me to tell the next person I would be late at the gym.  Just waiting in the moment.

It was old school.  Retro.  Waiting for your friends to show up and wondering what was taking them so long.  People watching & listening to all the clatter without anything to tune it out.  Think about it.  Even when we people watch with friends, we talk!  it is group interaction.  As you wait by yourself, you see everything.

So, now that I have my phone back, I am looking forward to the next time I can turn it off.

Stay Curious my friends and go have fun.