Artichokes & Pressure Cooked Hard Boiled Eggs

A couple of weeks ago, I found a wonderful web site for pressure cooking  They really have some wonderful recipes and great directions to improve your pressure cooking techniques.

This morning I plunged in and tried doing the hard boiled eggs in the cooker.  I know, I know, you are probably envisioning egg mess to clean up, but it was extremely easy.  And the Bonus?  You can use fresh eggs.  The site says it much better than I do, but in a nut shell, conventionally hard boiled fresh eggs become hermetically sealed due to the very very small pocket of air between the membrane that holds in the “whites” and the shell.  Older eggs have a much bigger air pocket which is why their shells are soooooo much easier to peel.  The pressure cooker forces that small bit of air to expand creating an optimal environment to cook the egg.  Bottom line, they take less time to cook and  warm fresh pressure cooked eggs taste gooooodddddd.

Warm Eggs served with left over Artichokes and home made primal mayoArtichoke & Pressure Cooked Eggs

Poached Eggs with Salmon & Capers

Busy morning so far.  Up with the dog for early morning potty trips.  We went to Stanley Vet for Scout’s next round of shots. Finally home and everyone is ready to relax before we have Troop 10’s C Team invade us later for rehearsal and crafting session.

Just as I was ready to sit down, Rob asked if I’d eaten yet.  NOPE!!  We headed to the kitchen to scrounge some grub-n-zie left overs to go with eggs. Rob toasted up open face cheese & pepperoni slices to go with his poached eggs.  I heated up some left over salmon to go with mine.

For Christmas Rob got me a new Le Creuset poaching pan.  WoW! I love this puppy.

Egg Poach Pan

This was the 2nd time we used the pan.  For this go round, I put a little bit of butter in each of the cups so that the eggs would release more easily.  It worked like a charm.

Poached Eggs with Salmon & Capers

Just look at how the yolk runs out perfect and gooey.  MMMMMMM.  Capers compliment the eggs and salmon just wonderfully.  A little bit of salty goodness.

poached eggs

No better way to start the “day” then with my bestest honey for breakfast.

Green Eggs and Haaaaaammmmmmmmm

I love left over breakfasts. Anything from kitchen sink omelets to skillet scrambles.

Today’s left over breakfast was ham, spinach and over medium eggs. Yolks just go so well with the spinach.

Place ham parts in skillet to warm. Add handful of spinach and heat.



On cold mornings, don’t forget the importance of pre-heating your plates. I put mine directly on the stove top. When using multiple pans, I stack the plates on a #2 heat and shuffle them so that each warms up.

Plate and eat with your favorite person.


Sicilian Slammers

With the new puppy requiring constant monitoring, I forgot to post of of the last yummy Breakfasts we made over the weekend.

Now I know these meats don’t originate from Sicily, but I like the name, so lets roll with it.

Costco or your deli counter is a wonderful place for cured meats. They just add a little zip to any meal. Whether it is cutting up some prosciutto and putting it in with your onions for dinner or making breakfast, they certainly add something special.

Sicilian Slammers start by lining the grill tray with foil for easy cleaning.
Spread out the various meats in two sections. We usually add pepper jack cheese, the put into the toaster oven until warm and meaty melty.

While cooking, warm up your egg pan. Again, I usually crack my eggs into separate ramekins. The salons for this is 1) you can pull out pesky shells much more easily. 2) the egg yolks stay together in the pan easier for better flipping.



I flip my eggs for over medium when the are 1/2 way cooked to the top. Once I flip them, I turn off the heat. You can see when the bottom of the eggs is nearly all white like the picture, but there are still white jiggles around the yolk. I think it makes for a pretty darn good fried egg.

Remove the meats from the toaster oven and gently slide the fried eggs on top. You are now ready for a scrumptious breakfast. These Sicilian Sammie’s were served with yummy Pepper Bacon.


Sausage Scramble

I must admit, this week has not been a breakfast week. Nearly every day, I’ve made and downed the proverbial protein smoothie. Pretty basic. 1 1/4 cup coconut milk, 2 scoops protein powder, frozen strawberries. Blendtec. Drink. Done.

But this morning I was craving something more substantial. Just as Rob was rummaging though the cupboard, I asked, “want eggs?”. He said “that sounds way more exciting than oatmeal.” (Internal brain screamed duh! Well of course it is better than that gluten lain stuff!).

So Sausage scramble it is. I use the Jones Dairy Farm frozen sausage from Costco. See link below. It is gluten free and has no additives. I love them. Plus you can pronounce every item on their ingredient list. A must in my book.–P71C9.aspx

Scramble is pretty easy. Remove size ration from container and throw in pan at medium high temperature.


Prep/ crack eggs. We use 2-3 eggs per person. I wisk my eggs with a fork. Don’t forget some butter. You actually need this to help regrease the pan before you put the eggs in.

Turn and flips sausages so they brown all over. Once they start to darken, use spatula to break into bite size pieces and add butter.




Before you pour the eggs in the pan, Be sure to lower the temperature to 40-50%. Remember your pan is already super hot from the sausage. Lowering the temp will cook the eggs more evenly in my opinion and not make the rubbery.


Gently move around pan until completely cooked. Plate and call the troops. “Breakfast is Ready”


Hope you’ve been noticing the holiday plates. I usually find them after the season is over. I can’t wait to break them out each year!!

Have a Super Day!!

Ham Steak

Well I am missing my hubby and boys this weekend. They are out camping with Troop 10. I am at home with a long list of chores to accomplish. First and most important is getting the Court of Honor program completed and get to the printer. A special thanks to all those parents that respond to help emails (and I promise to be faster myself), but I finally have all my readers.

While shopping to help get the boys ready for camping yesterday, some ham caught my eye.


Not just any ham, but Ham Steak! You know, it was the size that you always WANT to cut off those pre-cut spiral honey baked things, but can’t.


Seriously it was more than 1/4 in think.

So into the frying pan with a little butter to Carmelite it and eggs into the small pan.



Then perfection!!!! Between a terrific breakfast and my really strong coffee, I am ready to conquer the day.


Ps Buck loved the extras on the plate


Pepper Egg Rings

I think I saw a picture on marks daily apple for this. We had all the ingredients this am.

Cut pepper rings and cook slightly in pre heated pan with butter
Turn over peppers. Mmmmmm look at that carmeley goodness.
Crack egg in each ring.
Reduce heat slightly and cook. You can cover with a lid for better heat control.
Or out under broiler for 2 minutes.

Serve with bacon, salsa, and a cup of joe.

Happy Saturday!!!




Pepper Eggs

Oh my gosh this was good. Marks Daily apple had a recipe and I had to try it.

bell peppers, eggs, onions, ancho chili powder

Pre heat oven to 400 deg.
Half your peppers. Take left over sausage, or onions and put a little on bottom of pepper. Crack egg into pepper cup. sprinkle ancho chili over raw egg. Cook in oven 10-13 minutes until done.

Plate and add more onions or mushrooms over cooked peppers.


Meatloaf Frittata

I found a great new site. Well, actually, Rob found the app months ago and I didn’t follow up on it. Then I found the link from another site and told him all about it (insert snicker here).

Terrific set of recipes. She had me at the bacon/guacamole Sammie’s. But this morning we tried the frittata.

Preheat oven to 350 deg

Took last nights leftover meatloaf, broke up and warmed up in pan.
Add sliced bits of capricola (mmmmmm spicy) and green onions.

Put 1/2 tbs butter in medium ramekin. Throw in oven to melt.

When protein mixture is all heated, add to ramekin with the butter.

In separate bowl, mix up 2 eggs and a bit of cream. Add to ramekin.

Throw in oven for 15 minutes. Eat. Savor. Enjoy.

What not to do:
If you are making more than 1 serving, do not mix all 4 eggs and pour from 1 bowl or if you do, pour more carefully than I do. The egg/cream mixture slipped out so quickly there was no way to recover. I stead I quickly just beat up 2 more eggs and added to the other ramekin.

Can you tell the difference in which had the cream???



And shown next to With below. Really quite a difference.
The cream was much more fluffy. Also with the 4 eggs instead of two it took longer to cook
The non cream was much more dense like quiche batter

Either way makes a fantastic breakfast with my honey.


What did you enjoy for breakfast?? Make sure it fuels your body and your soul!!

Then . . . Wait for it . . . Go get outside already!!!!!