Yeah Saturday (CD5)

So glad it is Saturday. Rob let me sleep in to nearly 7am. We still had to get going as Sean had merit badge forum today at COR. After dropping him off, I made it to the gym.

It always strikes me interesting how crowded it is in January. Not really, but it sure makes the regulars cranky. I had a terrific work out of modified stair/Elip machine then crunches and more crunches. Nice to be a tired dog.

Unfortunately the extra crowds mean the skinny cows are now parking in the handicap sections. As a rule follower this drives me crazy. Today’s said cow not only parked in the section, but “in between” spaces, cause you know, it’s not technically the handicap section. So, being in one of those moods, I gave her grief and called her out on it. It’s always fun to get the cows riled up. Maybe she’ll think about it differently tomorrow. Anyway, here’s to the new Leawood Lazy club. May cosmic karma find their home.



Oh. 1.5 lbs this week.


daily check in

  • Breakfast eggs sausage coffee cream
  • Lunch roast chicken
  • Dinner Rob’s Meat loaf.  Yum. Topped with motzerella and pepperoni

No lunch walkies today with Shirley,  just wall push ups and short sprint intervals at gym.

Sigh.  My vacation mojo is waning already.  Must get back to center.

Ahhhhhhhhh  Puppy Therapy.  Better now.

Puppy Therapy



In an effort to stay honest, here is my check in for commitment day.

Bkfst. Eggs with coffee
Peppermint tea
Lunch roast chicken
Snack clementines
Dinner broiled salmon with mushrooms

30 min lunch walk with Shirley.
30 min treadmill with hills and sprints at gym (really sucked as my shuffle ran out of power).


What’s in Your Brain

I had one of those moments over the weekend. My skinny girlfriends said I needed to get a new swim suit. I laughed and said I had just bought a new top (size 12) at Costco! I proudly turned and showed it off. They said oh no! ” I need something more skimpy to show off my new body”. At that, I seriously scoffed.

NO WAY!!! my brain screamed. You don’t have a body that You can show off.

So that thought has been plaguing me all week. What do I really look like. Is the same person I see in the mirror the same thing that other people see?? How do you align the two images.

A lot of days, when I look in the mirror, I think I am walking through the fun house.


Now, I know I DON’T look like that, but how is it that we allow our brains to do this to us? It’s smoke and mirrors most days!

For one thing, I do know it takes time to let your brain catch up with the progress your body has made. This is one reason why I am a firm believer in you need to take time out from your program and give you time to make peace with your changes. A great way to maintain through those breaks is to be sure to only wear your new tighter fitting clothes. NEVER go back and re-buy a bigger size.

But the other thing is that we do need to almost forgive ourselves for the punishment we have put our bodies through. I think sometimes, we let our brains tell us we are still fat as a kind of penance. We do it because we don’t want to believe we can now keep the body we have worked so hard to achieve.

So how do we over come this?????


Obviously it is not healthy to keep our minds all twisted up. That takes a hell of a lot of too much energy that I would rather spend elsewhere.

Bottom line . . . Acceptance. Accept the compliment. Accept that you have surrounded yourself with people that are cheering you on. Accept the lusty stares from your husband. Accept that you CAN keep and continue to improve your new body. Accept that you are truly WORTH it.


Well, enough rambling. If you haven’t done it yet today, Go get outside already.

I took my afternoon walk and it was WINDY!!!!!!

Stand & Deliver

Yet another article this morning that too much sitting is bad for your health.

I know, we see these articles posted ad nauseam.  But how do you change the brutal fact that we actually work all day or are in school sitting on our bums?  Most of us are not bustling around a shop or doing outdoor labor.  So, believe me, I understand!!!  It is truly hard to get moving during the day!

Here is what I do during the week to keep moving.  While not optimal, it certainly helps.

  • park a couple floors up or down and take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • at the grocery store or mall, you have heard this before, don’t circle for the spot in front, walk for it!
  • get up from your desk at least 1 time every hour.  Go fill your water glass and stretch
  • take the long way back to your desk
  • set aside lunch or some other break time for walking.  It is amazing how a little air in your lungs helps to clear your mind!
  • exercise!  do some wall push ups or squats in the handicap stall.  believe me no one will see you and won’t ask what you were doing “in there”!

While I don’t have one at work, when I work from home, I usually am at my craft table in the studio.  Picture 6 foot white banquet tables.  On each leg is a 12 inch length of 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe.  This brings the tables up to my height.  Perfect for standing!

I found a couple great pictures of standing desks.  I had heard about the treadmill desk.  I think I would feel like a hamster! (pic from  Although I am a bit envious of all those screens for my computer.

How about this get up!  one word.  Creepy                          (pic from

My favorite is the Jeffersonian Desk.  Churchill also used a standing desk

So go try it already!

Driving Range

You know it is going to be a good day when it starts out crisp clear and sunny. This is the kind of Kansas weather that entices you outside and then mocks you by being just a little bit too cold. Thank goodness for the little heater stalls that help keep you warm.

Rob and I spent an hour at the driving range. He’s been helping me get more out of my swing. I am proud to say that by following the directions, I’ve got a now consistent tee shot over over 100 yards. Wahoot! After a large bucket of balls, I can honestly say I am pooped out!

Take that 35 degree weather!!!!!

So get outside already and go play!