Chef Salad

One of my favorite lunches is the salad. 1) it is perfect energy food. 2) it is excellent for cleaning out the fridge. Since we don’t keep much processed for in the fridge, we really are conscious about moving the fresh food through the house.

Yesterday version is the Chef Salad

Slice of ice berg lettuce
Cubed ham
Sliced salami
Cubed merlot cheddar
Blue cheese dressing.

That and a magazine makes for a perfect lunch.


Green Eggs and Haaaaaammmmmmmmm

I love left over breakfasts. Anything from kitchen sink omelets to skillet scrambles.

Today’s left over breakfast was ham, spinach and over medium eggs. Yolks just go so well with the spinach.

Place ham parts in skillet to warm. Add handful of spinach and heat.



On cold mornings, don’t forget the importance of pre-heating your plates. I put mine directly on the stove top. When using multiple pans, I stack the plates on a #2 heat and shuffle them so that each warms up.

Plate and eat with your favorite person.


Ham Steak

Well I am missing my hubby and boys this weekend. They are out camping with Troop 10. I am at home with a long list of chores to accomplish. First and most important is getting the Court of Honor program completed and get to the printer. A special thanks to all those parents that respond to help emails (and I promise to be faster myself), but I finally have all my readers.

While shopping to help get the boys ready for camping yesterday, some ham caught my eye.


Not just any ham, but Ham Steak! You know, it was the size that you always WANT to cut off those pre-cut spiral honey baked things, but can’t.


Seriously it was more than 1/4 in think.

So into the frying pan with a little butter to Carmelite it and eggs into the small pan.



Then perfection!!!! Between a terrific breakfast and my really strong coffee, I am ready to conquer the day.


Ps Buck loved the extras on the plate