Lone Star Geyser

Lone Star is our “family” geyser.  We have seen it erupt each time our family has visited Yellowstone.  Considering that it only erupts every 3-4 hours, back in the 70’s this was a feat to see the geyser.

Modern day viewing makes eruption predictions a little easier.  You can call the ranger station and get yesterday’s eruption log and extrapolate when you think it will go.

In 2010, we were staying in West Yellowstone.  So that is nearly a 30 minute drive (barring moose jams) and that is pushing it.  When we arrived at the trailhead, we had to avoid a bull bison that thought it was his space.  The trail was about 2 miles in.  The last couple hundred yards we all ran because you could hear the geyser erupting.

A wonderful afternoon was spent, playing in the creek and lunching until we got to view a 2nd eruption before heading the long hike home.

Lone Star Geyser-proc Lone Star Geyser Plate

Overland Park Arboretum

This morning Rob and I got out early with the grandparents to do a little hiking. Perfect morning to get up and put early. We started the walk on the cured grounds. Nice to see how the park has been growing and improving some of their water areas. There are now Trains in the kids area.

We found 2 caches. Even with the winter bare trees, still a challenge to find. The iPhone geocaching app is so great!

My favorite was stopping for a rest in the bird house. Go in, open all the windows and watch the birds come up to the feeders. Cardinal, blue jays, red tuft wood peckers and lots of finches.

Nap time? I think Rob needs one now.

What are you doing for fun today?

If nothing else. . . Go get outside already!!!!!