Lava Hot

WoW. It is nice to say it is hot today. We even broke a new Kansas record. We have not been this hot in May since the 1940’s. considering it only just snowed 2 weeks ago, I am thankful for the heat. 1) my new sump pump isn’t working overdrive. 2) my plants are actually growing. 3) it just feels nice to soak up some vitamin D.

Neighbor dog, Jake, came to play today. Scout tried to immobilize Jake with the sonic bark. Buck enforced the rules and dear Neighbor boy showed me his fast ball right into my chest.

My head is still screaming from work. I can’t seem to get caught up. But, I’ll focus on that tomorrow.

For now, just toes up in the breeze relaxing with my beasties, with a chill pill, thinking what it would be like to be a lava lizard.



Beach Day at the K

Beach Day

Definition. Any day you are playing hooky not doing work.

Today’s beach day is at the K. It is 98 degrees. HOT. And a slight breeze from the south.
The hat is a San Diego Hat. I love these!!!!! Finely woven raffia with a very wide brim. Tank top covered with camping cool micro fiber long sleeve shirt makes the heat easy to beat.


So what are you all doing today??????

Come on already! Go get out side already and get some D!


F Stands for Frigging HOT

It is hot. I said vegas hot, but without the lights and glam. Sean said F, stands for Friggin Hot. After our afternoon fun, I agree with him.

Step 1- get the temperature gage out of the basement. Yes a COOL 70.


Step 2- get. A frying pan and a bit of extra heat with Reynolds Wrap. Let everything toast up a bit.


Step 3- add poor victim chicken’s progeny



Step 4- wait


Myth Busted
The yolk got congealed from the heat. But that was it.



Time to head back inside for the wonderful, man made invention called AC.

Yes F does stand for friggin HOT. You called it Sean! Melt no more young man, that is until you have to get back . . . Outside Already!!!!

PS. . . Yes that’s still the camping crap that people need to pick up from10 days ago. It will either be picked up by the Love Fund this week or hit the garbage.

PSS. . .so nice to think that people care less about their “crap”‘, than you do about their “stuff”. Nod to George Carlin.

PSSS. Get it off my doorstep (I mean lawn). Seriously!!!!