Keeping Score

Please forgive, I am seriously behind in my posting. Between work, life, camping, and general craziness I have barely got my walks and exercise in.

So today’s question. . . How do you keep score?

Are you one of those people that tick and tack every single thing, remembering all the details, and mashing over the minutia until your eyes bleed????

Or are you the kind that rolls with the punches, bright-eyed Polly Anna that it will all work out / even out in the end.


So what does keeping score have to do with healthy living?? Everything!! It tracks your progress. Not just what you did today, but also how far you have come.

This evening, I was looking back at the last couple games for Alex Gordon. Poor guy has been making good contact with the ball, but in looking at his past at bats, the outs were made 4-3 , 4-3, 4-3, struck out swinging, etc, etc, etc. It got me thinking that at the end of the day, it’s just stats that you are looking back at. No matter what happened yesterday, you still have a chance at this “at bat” to make a difference. A chance to make a change.

Same with healthy living, exercise, good choices, and supportive teams. Each day you have a choice to do the right thing.

So seize your At Bat today. Swing for the fences and make that reflection you see in the mirror proud of every play.


Royals win 2 in Row!

Who knew that the Royals needed to leave town to get the monkey off their back.  They successfully won two in a row.  Finally moving up in the standnings with a record of 5-14

My beloved Padres are in as bad shape as the dear Royals.  Their record is 6-14.  Sorry Dad!!!  But at least you have the retro Friar jersey shirts to look forward to.

Royals are going for Pine tar bat day against the yankees next week.  Brawl anyone?


Book Dude

As you know, we’ve been going to the Royal’s games.  On Yahoo today, there was a post that the Royal’s fans are so tired of loosing, check out what this fan was doing during the Tueday night game. 

Yikes!!!  Was my first thought.  Did they actually get a picture of me sewing the binding on my Kandinsky quilt?  click.     wait.    whew!!!!  Just Book Dude in the front row.

So glad it wasn’t me.

Modern Day Foraging

Tuesday night at the K. The Royals still have not won a game. As I write this, we are 1-1 top of the 6th. Stats wise Royals continue to do well. But they are not converting action to runs.

But I got to thinking, since we have been eating stadium food nearly every night. Eating at the K is a lot HARDER than eating on the road for work.


Ask for what you want.

Today’s forage was grilled meat with veggies. I waited until the lady wasn’t stressed or really busy. “May I have extra veggies and meat instead of bread and fries?”. Sure Hun!

Even the lady in front of me was impressed and asked for her order to change a bit.

I have been soooooo impressed with the K staff. They are friendly, polite, and just dang nice!

Got to go. Garth Brooks is singing!!!

Oh. I almost forgot my excise today

4 sets wall push ups
4 sets tri’s with my mini weights
5 sets leg butt crunches
35 minute walk with my bud Shirley
Picked up sticks and dog poop (just has to be done)