Opening Day at the K

So, our family is doing baseball this year. Royals baseball. Not the Giants. But hey. It’s
Iike fishing. Any day on the lake is better than “_________”

Back in January, Rob had been lurking on the ticket site. He panned and scanned every seat selection he could. At the end of the day, we weren’t buying tickets unless he could park his bottom in the seat first. One hour later, we were the proud owner of season tickets.

For weeks, Rob would giggle and ask how many days until opening day. It only got worse once pitchers and catchers reported in Surprise Arizona. Finally we started to see if he could go at least 1 day without speaking Royals.

April was finally upon us. The 13th was counting down day by day. What time do we leave? What do we do with Buck? Oh shoot!!!!! The kids have school that day!!!!!! Now what. By Wednesday night, we decided to have a family day and keep the boys home from school. After all, you don’t get to do opening day with your folks every year.

5:30 am Friday
I still needed to work. Yes work. But the countdown was officially on. T minus 7 hours until we left. Nearly 3 hours of work later, we rousted the boys and went to Mimi’s for breakfast. That meant
just 4 hours left! Now I am getting excited.

11:30 am
done with work (I think they sensed not much was happening). Time to get Buck to the kennel. We had to take him in early, as we were heading out to Huntsdale MO to bike the Katy Trail.

12:30 pm
texting Carrie to see if/ when they will arrive. Nope, they beat us to the ball park by over 3 hours (she lost that battle).

Tickets. Check
Parking pass. Check
Wind breaker. Check
Weather? It’s going to pass

Okay everyone! Pile into Jeepy. “Mom! There is no room in the back seat!!!”

Tough!! We’re taking the van camping tomorrow so suck it up (that and the last thing I want to do at 7am Saturday is stop for gas on the way out).

Finally, we arrive at the K. No traffic until the exit, then every single cluster $&#%, thinks there is only 1 lane to turn right.

We were obviously not the first ones to arrive. The tailgaters covered every patch of grass. You wouldn’t believe the set ups that some of these folks had. Rain flys. Grills, smokers, and lots and lots of beer. Kegs of beers. Weave thru the masses, get parked in Lot M. “hey Jule, park next to the yellow line”.

Got everything? Car locked? Go!!!!!

In to gate C we marched. No crowds. Thank you Rob!!!!!


the opening ceremony was wonderful. Our finest men and women from Whiteman AFB, unfurled a flag that was as big as the outfield. The infield had Royal alumni and both teams. A jazz player, last name Washington, played the SPB on alto sax. Amazing.
To top it off, we had a flyover from the B2 out of Whiteman AFB. Believe me. You see it before you hear it.


Finally George Brett threw out the first pitch. Rob kept asking if I wanted to go explore. Nope. I had to keep my butt in the seat. I didn’t want to miss anything.

What a terrific day to be outside with my 3 favorite people in the world.