Sunday Morning Spin

Heading into Super Bowl Sunday, we had a pretty busy weekend!  Friends over for wine and appetizers on Friday night.  Gym, errands, dinner and and theater on Saturday.  Sean was the Shoe Shine boy and in the ensemble for BVN’s production of Young Frankenstein, Mel Brooks’ adaptation of the show into a musical.

Young Frankenstein is one of Rob and my favorite shows.  The story, the lines, ah sweet mystery of life.  Since it is high school, they had parent volunteers help break the sets after the show.  So Rob and I stayed late with gloves and helped do heavy lifting.  I am so impressed how the schools now strike sets.  It is a MASSIVE group effort.  None of the crew or cast is dismissed until it’s complete.  Those kids ( and parents) worked so hard and fast to dissemble those sets.  Everything but some of the standard walls were broken down to parts.  Sean went to his first cast party and thankfully arranged for transportation to and fro.  He got the first “don’t get in a car with anyone who has been drinking” talk.  We’ll come get you.  period.  just ask.

Somehow getting home at midnight and then crashing to bed, 8 am decided to rear it’s ugly head with a bright icy chilly Sunday morning!   Brrrrrrr!!!!!!

A cold morning means a hot breakfast is in order.  I use the toaster oven and line a couple meats, like cappricola or proschutto, then add the stuffed mushroom sausage and top with munster cheese.  Broil that for a couple minutes while you fry up eggs.  Voila  yumminess!!!

A good protein break bask is exactly what I needed for my gym exercise today.  I had been getting milage in on the electric bikes.  Today I moved over to the spinning cycle.  20 minutes on the spinner.  about  a 1/3 of that standing instead of sitting.  Then 20 minutes on the treadmill to do intervals.  My jog was more of a walk and my run more of a jog.  But in any case it was nice to do the bike then run combo.

Yeah!!!  Tired out but happy as a clam!!

Spinning cycle



start training

Calendar says it is a swim day. Nice to get in the pool at lifetime.

40 minutes laps alternating between breast stroke and freestyle. Even used the buoy and kick board for a couple lengths. With knee surgery kick board, I can tell my leg strength needs work. It seemed like I was barely moving down the lane with the kick board. On the other hand I felt like I flew using upper body and the buoy.

The dude in the lane over was a splasher at kick turns. But at least I had a lane to myself.

It was nice to have quiet time with the laps. That was interrupted a bit with a stupid alarm sounding for what seemed like 5 minutes. I find myself counting strokes not laps. I wish I had a bead counter to log laps. When I count strokes, it’s a 1-2-3-4 then breathe.

Best part of the work out was the whirlpool afterwards. Go Team!!



daily check in

  • Breakfast eggs sausage coffee cream
  • Lunch roast chicken
  • Dinner Rob’s Meat loaf.  Yum. Topped with motzerella and pepperoni

No lunch walkies today with Shirley,  just wall push ups and short sprint intervals at gym.

Sigh.  My vacation mojo is waning already.  Must get back to center.

Ahhhhhhhhh  Puppy Therapy.  Better now.

Puppy Therapy


Commitment Day

Hard to believe that 2012 is drawing to a close. Truly it has been a year of challenges and changes. I am proud that I have maintained my weight and continue to eat healthy avoiding processed foods, grains and general crud.

i don’t know about you, but December always has me looking forward. The new year is always a great time for me. I look at it as the clean the house up time of year. Both figurative and literal. Christmas needs to be put away. Stuff gets purged and closets parred down. Rob and I finalize our plans for travel and we get the next calendar populated with all of our “looking forward to” dates.

Our gym, Life Time Fitness, has been promoting their 5k New Year’s Day fun run.
In addition to the run, the also have commitment day tags.


Rob has been training to do the 5k run. I am so proud of him! His goal is to do the Bay to Breakers on May 19th.
Me. I am looking at 2013 as the year to complete the weight reduction portion of my journey. I want to be at my goal weight and in peak physical condition for Bartle and Black Beard’s scuba trip in the summer.


What commitment will you make this year?

Is your goal attainable?

Do you have a compass & map to get there?

Do you need any special gear or supplies for the journey?

Who will you hit the trail with?

You can do it!!!!! Take the plunge & conquer the monkey (bridge) that’s been on your back.