108 in Lawrence KS????

Holy friggin oven Batman! Is it really 108 in Lawrence today??? Yes!

My question is if the temp on the fridge says the top temp is lower than it actually is, does that violate truth in advertising???? When do the weather men and their models get thrown out the window!!


Day 2 of PT. feeling stronger. Better. Faster. Yes Lindsay Wagner, watch out.
With mobility comes, Buck’s thinking that we may go out on a walk. That and my hope I could drive soon???? Rob says nope. Bummer.

Instead, Buck is bringing out all his toys.


While I have kicked them out of the way. He strings them out in a line to provide his own PT therapy for mom. Toy avoidance!

PS. All my doctor friends. Seriously how long does it take to wash the iodine bentectine jaundice yellow off the leg??? It isnSTILL there.