Choco Chip Kookies

I have had a page book marked for weeks. Paloe chocolate chip cookies. I hate it when the pictures look so good that they pull you in.

Nod to Paleo Project. You did a terrific job!!

I stayed true to the recipe with the exception.

Used coconut syrup for honey
White chocolate chips for dark
I didn’t add more coconut flour. The cookies held together nicely.
My oven needed 21 minutes to cook and melt the chocolate.

My teenage sone gave them an “adequate”. In human speak (with no flours or cane sugar), that makes them pretty frackin awesome.

I’m already at 3. Stopping now. (I hope)


Carrots chips

Tried my first on carrot chips. Need to work on thickness and temp cooking. But boy are they yummy.

Olive oil
Sea salt

Cut thinly toss in ingredients and bake

My temp was too hot. Looked up other recipes and temp needs to be around 350 and cook about .30 to .45 minutes on parchment paper.


Modern Day Foraging

Tuesday night at the K. The Royals still have not won a game. As I write this, we are 1-1 top of the 6th. Stats wise Royals continue to do well. But they are not converting action to runs.

But I got to thinking, since we have been eating stadium food nearly every night. Eating at the K is a lot HARDER than eating on the road for work.


Ask for what you want.

Today’s forage was grilled meat with veggies. I waited until the lady wasn’t stressed or really busy. “May I have extra veggies and meat instead of bread and fries?”. Sure Hun!

Even the lady in front of me was impressed and asked for her order to change a bit.

I have been soooooo impressed with the K staff. They are friendly, polite, and just dang nice!

Got to go. Garth Brooks is singing!!!

Oh. I almost forgot my excise today

4 sets wall push ups
4 sets tri’s with my mini weights
5 sets leg butt crunches
35 minute walk with my bud Shirley
Picked up sticks and dog poop (just has to be done)