Snowed In!!!!

Winter, the snow kind, has finally hit Kansas. It’s been cold. We’ve had a couple of bouts with ice, but measurable snow.

Today I that changed. Depending on where you are 6-14 inches. Our front yard had a solid 6. I plowed the drive way, walk and back deck and we’ll see how much we get the reset of the night.

After the plowing, the dogs had a good game of fetch with orange game decoys. They don’t get lost in the snow and you can always fine the,.

Yes, it’s good to have tired puppies!!

All that’s left is a shower and some home made Osso Bucco. Mmmmmmm


Not the worse for ware

Scout can home Thursday afternoon. Buck won’t admit to missing him, but he wasn’t 2 feet away from me for 2 days.

The vet said to keep Scout from running and jumping. And the. Laughed with a “good luck”. So I. 2 days he only jumped up a couple stairs and over couches. And only ate my tie cord for my scuba bag.

Must be a good day.

Ooooooo rahhhhhhh