Snowed In!!!!

Winter, the snow kind, has finally hit Kansas. It’s been cold. We’ve had a couple of bouts with ice, but measurable snow.

Today I that changed. Depending on where you are 6-14 inches. Our front yard had a solid 6. I plowed the drive way, walk and back deck and we’ll see how much we get the reset of the night.

After the plowing, the dogs had a good game of fetch with orange game decoys. They don’t get lost in the snow and you can always fine the,.

Yes, it’s good to have tired puppies!!

All that’s left is a shower and some home made Osso Bucco. Mmmmmmm


Life Under the Snow

To many, winter looks bleak and flat.  Nature has rolled back the welcome matt and only waits patiently for spring to return.

To me, I see the layers of winter.  The snow & ice not just blanket the ground, but also covers the very food that will keep nature healthy through the long winter.

Berries covered by ice.IMG_3269

Seeds left on grasses.IMG_3264

Water still flows beneath the snow.IMG_3280

Burroughs of logs and mulch cover safe hiding places.IMG_3299

Deer and rabbit tracks criss cross the pathways.  Turtles blow bubbles to protect their freezing air hole.IMG_3327



Turkey Burgers

Ahhhh Kansas.  Nothing like having to grill indoors.  We pulled out the electric grill tonight.  Turkey Burgers on the fly.  Sorry no pictures, but with the grilled onions, they were about as yummy as they got. the trick to cooking a better burger on the open grill is to put a metal bowl over the burgers to convect some heat/steam.  You still should sear everything like you would on a normal charcoal/gas grill.

Work out today . . .

  • cybex stair-stepper 25 minutes and pulling edible bark from Scout’s mouth
  • dog walking
  • head pounding (performed delicately after receiving emails from PITA clients).

The snow is nearly melted from the back yard, but we are now blessed with MUD.

Below’s picture is Sedum flower pods and the fur kids.


Snowy Seedum


So go get out side already.  I did!

Snow in Kansas

After a very mild winter last year and little rain this past summer, we have been blessed with two snows already in Kansas.  Not more than a couple inches each, but enough to make you enjoy it.

As you all know, the biggest challenge challenge with any new puppy is potty training.  Our dog door has been making it much easier this pup around.  However, ensuring that everyone takes breaks from play and snooze with a pee trip is never fun when you have 2 inches of snow on the deck.  Uggs and winter coats are ready to go at the back door, along with a “walkies noise” rattler that both dogs perk up their ears and follow you out side with.  Yes.  I am still smarter than a puppy.

Last weeks snow was very fluffy.  So I was able to get out side with my camera to capture a couple scenes from the yard.

Snow Flakes on Rose Bush.

Flakes on Rose Bush


Ice on Christmas Bulbs

Ice on Christmas Blubs


This was taken at night with the Christmas lights illuminating the bare Burning Bush.

Flakes on Burning Bush

Snow Day

Scout slept for 5 hours last night in his crate. He went down much faster this time. However 3am came with yelps I gots to go now and the lovely sound of sleet hitting the windows.

Rob and I both got up to take him out. The sleet was coming down in bb size pellets. Pee fast little dude!!!! Lucky Buck stayed ice and warm in Jeremy’s bed.

That made today a snow day for everyone. Boys school cancelled. Jeremy’s finals postponed until first day back at school.

And best of all . . . Dogs playing in the muddy snow.

Makes for sleepy Labradors all around.