Making the most of it

Decided with the weather so fine, it was high time to ride my bike to the gym to swim. It’s not very far to ride, but more challenging with roads and lights.

Swam .7145 of a mile. Then road home. I think the best way with the least traffic is to go thru Corbin Park.

Good work out but now I’m pooped out.

The funny thing was all the looks you get from the folks driving up. WoW! Someone actually used their own power to get here!

Spring is almost here!!!!


a good day

What a wonderful Wednesday.  I slept all the way thru 9 hours last night.  Work was focused and fantastic for a month end.  Scout ate a minimal amount of items in the house.  Sean got home early and we had a family dinner.  a good day indeed.

Training today was easy peasy.  30 minute elliptical watching star trek nex gen, Rascals.

4 team members including Picard, have their ages reduced/reversed when beaming out of a shuttle craft.  Couple fun scenes that hit the memory.  My 1st is Giunan taunting Ro Laren into having fun!  Yes, despite all our memories, we turn to our have FUN moments.  Even recreating them as adults is more promising.  We know why we want to go to that space and time.  But don’t go there as escape.  Embrace and enjoy your transformation. My 2nd is these adults realizing that they can overcome their obstacles by embracing the things the hate most.  That is they hate they are now Young again.  But when you embrace your “situation” (or age) you can overcome anything!

Final training tonight, was easy laps.  Just 30 minutes.  before getting to the pool, I stopped by SwimKwik and picked up some hand scoops and ear plugs.  After yesterday, I realized the extra little h20 int he ears was really annoying and not helping  me relax  The water earplugs both kept out the water but really reduced the kid sounds too.  NICE.  The swim mitts, changed the upper body work out.

Well.  tired and enjoying watching David Blaine with my youngest.


Be one with your world.

Challenge others reality.


start training

Calendar says it is a swim day. Nice to get in the pool at lifetime.

40 minutes laps alternating between breast stroke and freestyle. Even used the buoy and kick board for a couple lengths. With knee surgery kick board, I can tell my leg strength needs work. It seemed like I was barely moving down the lane with the kick board. On the other hand I felt like I flew using upper body and the buoy.

The dude in the lane over was a splasher at kick turns. But at least I had a lane to myself.

It was nice to have quiet time with the laps. That was interrupted a bit with a stupid alarm sounding for what seemed like 5 minutes. I find myself counting strokes not laps. I wish I had a bead counter to log laps. When I count strokes, it’s a 1-2-3-4 then breathe.

Best part of the work out was the whirlpool afterwards. Go Team!!