Step Out – Walk to STOP Diabetes

This morning I went with my best friend (sisters by choice) Dr. Marie Griffin and her office cohorts to do the Step Out – Walk to Stop Diabetes.  We started at Theiss Park in Kanas City, right in front of the Nelson Atkins Museum.  We walked from the park West along Brush Creek and back through the Plaza.

What a wonderful group of people.  All walks of life, kids, old folks, dogs, sisters, mothers, brothers and friends.

This video doesn’t exist

Stopping Diabetes starts with healthy eating and good exercise habits.  Do what you love to do, but do it right. Make good choices.


City of Fountains

As Kansas Cityans will tell you, we have more boulevards “except for Paris” and more fountains than “how?”  dunno.

But in walking around the plaza, fountains are everywhere.  From the frog spitting at the little “peeing” infant, to large horses.

Taking a closer look there are details every where.  This is a broken tile at the bottom of the frog spitting fountain next to Starbucks.



i love the little dropplet circles at the bottom of the frame.  This picture is a contender for the modern quilt challenge.

Let me know your thoughts!!


Tower on the plaza After a long week at camp, Rob and I took a “date day” on Saturday. I needed to drop items off at the office. So we drove downtown and then spent the mid day wandering the Plaza and had lunch at McCormicks. I took my camera as I needed some inspiration photos for a challenge quilt indeed to produce by September for the KC Modern Quilt Guild.

So walking and photo taking we did. It is fun seeing the Plaza as a Tourist does.

Photos to come soon.