Fabulous Friday

Great walk on Friday. Busy day so I was wagging to get outside. We went as far north on Baltimore as we could. Then east past the federal court house. New long hills found. Ugh!!!!


The building at north of baltimore is the Cayolic discuses bldg. love the bronze eagle. Lots of the kc hmmm odds. And also walked past a parade doing the passion. Always interesting.

Seriously? It is Thursday???

Geez. I can not believe it is thursday already. Beautiful weather but it is fickle spring weather. 85 yesterday. 55 today

Wallis today were on the 2nd floor promenade. Nice to see all our awesome building personnel. But I would rather be outside.

Almost easter. Chocolate anyone??

Hills with a view

This afternoon I waited patiently for Shirley to complete her calls so we could walk together. The sunshine was calling. I put my tennis shoes on along with my sunglasses. Shirley slyly asked, are you sure you can still go (it was 2:20). I did my best Buck body wag that said yes!!!

We zig zagged our way up to 6th street and crossed Broadway. The view overlooking the Might Mo to the river front and the downtown airport was spectacular.

So, if you haven’t done it yet, go get out side already!!!!




Walking on Wednesday & Thursday

I forgot to log our workout yesterday. Shirley and I walked south on Baltimore from 11th street to about 21st street. I really like walking through the crossroads district. Plenty of Urban life to see. Of course the way back was a long hill all the way up & in the sun! Below is a picture of the BOA building as well as a great shot of The President Hotel (brown on left), the H&R Block bldg (glass oval in the middle) and AMC (brick on the right).

Also throughout Wednesday I got in a couple set of squats, and wall push ups.

Today (Thursday) was going to be a bit FUBAR with schedules, so at the last-minute we got in a 1/2 hour in the basement. We took the stairs both ways down and then back up. Yikes.

The weather this afternoon should be yucky outside so Rob and I have a date to meet at the gym.

What have you done to get out side already?



The Rain has Cleared!

Forgive me for not posting lately. Between Birthday week (yup I turned 45) and recovering from another cold, there has been not much room to get out side to complete any proper walks.

So, after being sick all weekend, I finally got back to work on Tuesday. With the non-stop rain, Shirley and I did our Tuesday & Wednesday daily walks on S5 of the parking garage. While not terribly scenic, there are a few classic cars and a couple jeeps that we get to see. Shirley’s favorite is the corvair and a red fast back mustang.

Today the clouds cleared and the breezes were fine. So we did the big hills over to the park by Quality Hill. An extra loop around one other building gave us another hill back in the other direction.

Today’s picture is on the tail end of our walk going East on 12th street. I am standing next to the KC Southern building. On the left (red brick) is the Marriott. Center foreground is Bartle Hall loading dock and the square glass building is our office.

Enjoy the sun . . . and


Go get outside already!!!!!!


Folgers Coffee Building

Today’s 30 minute hike took Shirley and I North on Main street to the freeway, then west up to Broadyway.  As we made our way closer to Broadyway, the beautiful aroma of coffee hit the breeze.  Yummy!!

Say hellow to the Foldgers Coffee Building in Kansas City.

The building dates to 1908.  Unfortunately, the plant is expected to close in July 2012.