Getting the Walk in

Today was much busier than anticipated. Goal get a walk in. No go at work.

Choice #1 go to Whole Foods and do shopping before Royals game to night.

Choice #2 look into those beautiful puppy dog eyes and walk the dog.

Duh!!! #2 was the clear winner


Royals seem to be doing much better tonight. Mid 5, we are up 3-2

My new favorite cook is Janet. She made an excellent dinner. Poor Rob. Didn’t get superb service. The order taker messed up, and it took 1 full inning before they realized. 2 innings later. FINALLY food. Yikes!!!!!

So I was pulling pictures up today. This was April 2009 at my darling niece, Samantha’s, wedding


And last night.


Pretty cool looking with my handsome honey. EH????

Monday meyhem

Little bit of everything today. Shirley and I got a 30 minute walk today.

After work, Rob helped move rocks and do a little gardening. I really love that we have been simplifying our garden and using nearly all perennials. If it doesn’t survive the winter, it gets ripped out.

After we got back from camping yesterday I mowed the lawn the long way. Every thing is greening up so nicely. I love this time of the year.

Sorry Not Logged Workouts!!

Sorry to be so lazy and not log any work outs.  Well, lazy with writing, not lazy on missing the walks.

This week was a good week of walkies with Shirly.  We did 3 out of 5 days.  Extra work for me and some really bad computer rewaves for her kept us off the track.

I will get to make things up tonight.  Rob and I are heading with Mike and Marie for dancing lessons.  Can’t wait.