Monday work out

Up at the gym by 8 this am. Thank you Rob!!!!!


5 minute warm up on treadmill

Seated squats. 40 lb 10 reps & 20 lb 3 reps of 15
Standing Squats 20 pounds 3 reps 10
Seated leg extensions 20 lb each leg separate 3 reps each
Calf extension 30 lb 3 reps each leg
Ham strung curls 20 lb 3 reps 15

Seated stretches legs extended flat
Crunches 25
Side to sides 25
Leg lifts – 3 angles 15 reps each on each leg
More reverse leg lifts with green bungee
Stretching with green bungee


Total about 55 minutes

Goal this next 2 weeks is to get knee Strength up To do step ups and step up cross overs

Weight today