Porterhouse Porkchops

As you all know, we do a lot of fresh cooking at Chez Day.  The challenge with this is both fun/rewarding, but that you do end up making frequent trips to the grocer.  I really prefer the days that I head out with my list, moving deftly from one side of the store to the other, efficiently avoiding the center aisle’s like the plague.  But sometimes, it doesn’t strike me what’s for dinner until I start into the vegetable section and end up chatting with the butcher asking “what’s good today”.

Thursday’s dinner followed the latter.  Bare butt cold in Kansas, I trot into Hen House wondering what I actually need to buy for dinner.  My.  Those mushrooms look tasty.  I know, lets do up my famous garlic mushrooms and onions.  I get to the butcher counter and realize I don’t know how many I am actually cooking for.  I offer the next person to go ahead while I try to call the teenager to see if he is home or working that night.  Darn. No Answer.   Oooooooohhhhhhhhh those Porterhouse Porkchops look tasty.  I’ll take 4 of those, please.  Oh and what would be the best meat to make carnitas.  thanks!!!!

So home I get and let the cooking begin.  This delicious meal starts with my blue Le Cruset pan.  I add butter to the pan and then brown the pork chops

Porterhouse Chops


Once they are brown on both sides, remove from pan and let sit.  I just put mine on a kitchen plate and turn on the burner to low to keep them from chilling.

Next add a bit more butter, garlic and onions to pan.



Finally I add in the mushrooms.  let everything cook down to a yummy goodness.



Add a little wine . . .(some to your glass) . . .



Sautee sautee sautee         IMG_1608and presto!

Sorry.  I forgot to take a “plated” picture of dinner.  But take my word for it.  was excellent.