Super Sunday

So are you going to a football party? Or hosting one at your house?
Parties and good food choices are compatible, but you have to do prep and planning.

Plan healthy snacks with veggies. Watch the prepared dips as they can have a lot of unhealthy oils in them. Better yet, make some of your own mayo!

At Chez Day, our snack-age will be brisket, meat balls, cut veggies, artichokes, and some primal chicken in homemade buffalo sauce.

Are you ready for some football????? We are!!!!!!!!!

Terrific Tuesday

Terrific Tuesday. I really felt very productive. Work and chores at home.

Work out –
30 min power walk. Ugh need it to not be so windy out so we can enjoy some of the outdoor weather.
Leg lifts 4 sets
Stairs 2 sets

Breakfast. Kiwi smoothie
Lunch. Big A$$ salad with chicken and squash/onion stir fry
Dinner. Tri-Tip steak (yum) with cauliflower.

Movie. The Fighter with Mark Walberg and Christian Bale. Terrific flick. A must watch!